{Monday Muse} To Veil Or Not To Veil? That Is The Question…

Hello to you, we hope you had a gorgeous weekend. Did anyone go to a wedding? Or, perhaps you went to Karen’s Essex Vintage Wedding Fair and found you dream suppliers? Do tell us!

I thought we would turn our thoughts towards veils.  When you think ‘bride’, you do think of a white dress and, of course, a veil.  However, do YOU want to wear a veil? Is it really necessary in modern times?


Vera Wang

So why do brides wear veils? 

Historically, during the ancient empires of the Greeks and Romans, veils were worn to protect the bride from evil spirits.  It was believed that without a veil, evil spirits could try to take away the purity of the bride.  Interestingly enough, although we automatically think of veils to be white, during the pagan weddings the veils would be brightly coloured. Bright reds or yellows were believed to be the colours that provided the best form of protection.  Of course, there was also the matter of avoiding bad luck – the veil symbolised the tradition of not allowing the groom to see the bride before the wedding!

Another fact for you, is that traditional Christian weddings involved the bride AND groom wearing crowns of flowers and twigs (very Adam & Eve!) The symbolism of the flowers and twigs reflected the sacrifices that the bride and groom would make throughout their wedding.  This was replaced by the wedding veil in the early 19th century.

Claire Pettibone

Claire Pettibone

To Veil Or Not To Veil

I always assumed that I would wear a veil; a birdcage veil was the style I would go for – quirky, vintage inspired.  However, the more I thought about it, I began to think that it wasn’t for me.  When I found my dream dress, it confirmed to me that a jewelled headdress and a sexy up-do would be far more ‘me’.  I just think I could feel a bit silly wearing a veil – yes, I realise that sounds daft…



I know some close friends will question why I haven’t opted for a veil but that’s what I love about weddings these days; we, as brides, can reflect our personality, shun tradition and just do what we want to do! So, if you want to wear that Cathedral length veil – go for it! Likewise, if you, like me would rather opt for a headdress, a hairpiece or even adorn your luscious locks with flowers – do it! As we always say, we encourage you to go for the wedding and style that you want, whatever that may be!


Vintage Parachute Silk Veil & Birdcage

For those of you who fancy a veil, there are sooo many options out there.  Therefore, I’ve listed the variety for you and included some oh-so-pretty pictures for inspiration…


Different Types of Veils

1. Birdcage 

A short veil that only covers the face.  This style looks amazing with vintage style dresses, especially 50’s and 60’s!

2. Shoulder length/Blusher 

If you have gorgeous details on your dress that you want to show off, this style works brilliantly.  I’m thinking Claire Pettibone’s back detailing or Jenny Packham gowns…

3. Elbow length
This style veil, as you would imagine, ends at your elbow and would be where the fullness of the skirt begins. Elbow length’s tend to compliment romantic dresses, picture Naomi Neoh designs!

4. Fingertip
No surprises here for guessing that this length reaches the tip of your fingers! A very classic style, as it can work with a whole range of dresses!

5. Chapel

If you’re having a formal affair and your dress has a long train this style would look beautiful as it would reach the end of your train.

6. Cathedral
Yep, you guessed it – the style that Kate Middleton (ok, for her fans of you out there – The Duchess of Cambridge!) wore when she married Prince William.  The length of this veils can extend to a metre!! Naturally, this is a very grand style that works best with traditional church or, of course, cathedral weddings.  Not recommended for a wedding taking place in a field or a beach but very glamorous!


Jenny Packham

One last piece of advice – we always would recommend that you choose your dress FIRST! Plus, consider how you want to wear you hair.  The beauty of visiting a bridal boutique is having the expert assistance of the boutique assistants; they will know what style will work best with which dress, and be able to provide you with so many tips!

So, if you are ‘To Veil’ remember there is a veil out there for everyone, be it full on princess or sultry siren!

If you’re a ‘Not To Veil’ then have some seriously fabulous fun choosing your hair accessories – I know, I will be!

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