Can you take HIS name and retain your individuality? Discuss!

OK, so that title reads a bit like an essay you might get for A Level Sociology coursework, but it’s an interesting topic and a wedding hot potato at times. Is it really possible to retain your individuality if you take somebody else’s name?

Before I met my husband, I thought it was kinda cool for a girl to keep her maiden name – or maybe even for the man to take the girl’s. Since my maiden name ended up giving me the same name as a well-known child abductor, I wasn’t exactly too sad about leaving it behind. I have to admit, that having the same name as my in-laws was a weird thought. It felt a bit like I was changing sides – from MY family to his. Of course, the traditions of taking a man’s name really never appealed to the feminist in me either. Historically, a woman would give up her maiden name as a sign that all that belonged to her now transfers to her husband. In our case, a few credit card debts and a bashed up Seat Ibiza wasn’t exactly the reason my husband married me, so I guess I’m safe on the gold-digger front.

However, when I did decide that I would take my husband’s name (and a bloody awkward one at that which nobody can spell) I immediately felt comfortable with it. To me, it’s more of a sign of unity. It’s about being a team – taking on the world, just the two of us. And I’m happy to be on team Whybro!

Marriage cert

So, what do you think, lovely readers? Will you be taking his name? Why? Why not? Share your thoughts & ideas in the comments box – we would LOVE to hear from you!