{Monday Muse} Get that Gatsby Look Part II – The Faux Bob

Happy Monday, everyone!  We hope the sun shone wherever you were this weekend & that all the weddings were amazing for everybody getting hitched!

We hope you enjoyed the fabulous 20s inspired hair & make up tutorial on the blog on Friday from the super talented Love Moi Make up and Flamingo Amy Vintage Modern & Vintage Hairstyling? As if that beautiful tutorial wasn’t enough, we have another for you today! It’s all about getting that perfect bob and, if you have long hair, you don’t need to worry! Amy will walk you through how to create a faux bob in the 20s fashion and Emily will show you how to create the perfect make up to suit this look! You too, can be transformed from this:

before rosanna

..to this!

Rosanna Final 3

How to… Create Dramatic Flapper Girl Makeup

This style is not for the faint hearted – I am not suggesting it is a wearable day to day look! However it’s great fun to try, and elements of this are still going strong today – smoky eyes, dark lips. Choose whichever elements appeal to you, and remember, strong makeup is trickier to execute, so practise makes perfect.

Step 1

This dramatic look is all about strong features and pale porcelain skin. Begin with a fair foundation and build to a full coverage by buffing on to the skin – I used Illamasqua Skin Base in shades 2 and 6 – I applied 6 all over the face and then blended a little of shade 2 around the centre of the face to highlight. Conceal any darkness under the eyes and any blemishes to ensure skin is flawless. Use a deep terracotta blusher in the hollows of the cheeks to define and sculpt.


How to Makeup 1

Step 2

Define the brows with a dark brown brow powder, overextending at both ends to really channel that Gatsby drama. Apply a cream base eyeshadow – for this look I’ve used plums and deep currant tones on both eyes and lips, so Illamasqua Liquid metal in Resolute was perfect for this.


How TO MAkeup 2


How to Makeup 3

Step 3

Blend a deep matt brown and a little black shadow through the crease and wing out toward the corner of the brow. A contouring brush is great to help to find socket and get the right shape – try a No 7 Blend and Contour Brush, and remember to clean up any drop down under the eyes with a cotton bud dipped in makeup remover.

Step 4

Apply a dense black pencil to both the top and bottom waterline – I love Bare Minerals RTC liner in Midnight. Add two or three coats of black mascara, and a few individual lashes on the outer corners of the eyes for added volume. Use a deep burgundy lip pencil such as Mac Currant all over the lips, again exaggerating the cupids bow to really achieve that 20s lip. Finish with a slick of gloss and powder the skin to give a matt finish and keep everything in place.

How TO Makeup 4

And, for the all important hair to go with this gorgeous look, over to Emily!

How to…create a 1920’s Faux Bob

Faux Bob

This is a great style to play with for those wanting to have a go at faking short hair! The bob was first very popular in the 1920’s and at the time women traditionally wore their hair long, so this was seen as a rebellious style, it’s difficult to imagine that now. I have worn this style myself on several occasions and always enjoy the look on people’s faces when they think I’ve cut my long hair off. Give it a go!

Step 1

Hair should be dry (ideally styling should take place 24 hours after washing). Spray your hair with a heat protector. I recommend Trevor Sorbie’s ‘Curl Constructor’. This will help to hold the curl as well as protect the hair.

Step 2

Use a small heated tong to curl all of the hair section by section working from the bottom to the top, leaving a section around an inch each side of the parting. Once you have curled each section pin it to your head to allow to cool.

How To Hair 1

How To Hair 3

Step 3

If you don’t have a heated wand then you can use a tong here , but I have used a medium sized wand from Babyliss to create spirals that will eventually form waves on this last reminding top section.

Step 4

Remove the clips from the sections near the nape of the neck. Brush out the hair and then back brush this to create volume. Roll this under and pin into the base of the neck. This acts as a ‘sponge’ to create and secure the bob over. This does not need to be neat as it will be covered. Put in as many pins as you feel to make it secure.

Step 5

Brush out the pinned up curls section by section and secure to or under the roll you made at the nape of the neck. Once you get to the top section at the parting gently brush out the spirals to create waves and push them in to shape. To create a more defined wave use marcel wave clips as shown here. Spray with a strong hair spray to set the hair.

How to Hair 4


Remove the marcel wave clips after around 10 minutes and spray with a final bit of hair spray.

Rosanna Final 1

What an amazing transformation! I utterly adore this 20s look and will definitely be trying this one out at home! We’d also love to hear from those of you who try this & don’t be shy, share some pics too!

Remember, if you need any further advice or help with vintage hair or make up, these ladies are definitely the ones to help! Head over & check out their websites too!

Love Moi Make Up

Flamingo Amy


{Friday Feature} Seriously Great Gatsby 20s inspired hair & make up tutorial – Part I

Boy, do we have a treat for you today! I am seriously excited to bring you the amazing talents of two fabulous suppliers I admire a whole heap – Love Moi Make up & Flamingo Amy Modern & Vintage Hairstyling. These two lovely ladies work in collaboration frequently and, today, are showing the lovely A Vintage Wedding Guide readers the best kept secrets of how to achieve that oh so coveted 20s Great Gatsby look!

If you’re lusting after Carey Mulligan’s Gatsby style with a modern twist, this hair & make up tutorial is perfect for you! I’m so excited by it that I am trying it myself without hesitation and may even bring myself to share some images afterwards (if it’s a success, of course!) Sadly, my hair is too short for this first style (sob) but I’m definitely trying the make up tutorial & with my new Vintage Cosmetic Company products due to arrive any day, what perfect opportunity? Over to these two fabulous ladies to show us how to recreate this gorgeous style in the comfort of your own home!

For the Hair…

Modern look

Most 1920’s and early 30’s styles required a short hair cut, so I created this style with a modern cut and length in mind. I took inspiration from the side bun and pin curls which I used to frame the face. Depending on what you wore with this style it could look very modern. It’s a great style for a prom, or those who want to take advantage of their long hair when having it styled.

Step 1

Hair should be dry (ideally styling should take place 24 hours after washing). Spray your hair with a heat protector. I recommend Trevor Sorbie’s ‘Curl Constructor’. This will help to hold the curl as well as protect the hair from heat styling.

How To Modern Hair 1


Step 2

Section off the fringe area and use a medium sized heated tong to curl all of the hair, leaving the fringe section at this stage. Once you have curled each section pin it to your head to allow to cool.

How To Modern Hair 2

Step 3

Use the same size tong or smaller to create curls in the fringe section. Arrange these how you like, as many or as few as you think will suit. Use a pin curl clip to secure into place to cool. Spray with a strong hold hairspray, covering your face as you spray – no one wants a sticky shiny face! I recommend using Tresemmé Freeze Hold.

Step 4

Leave the hair to set (cool down) for as long as possible, 10 minutes being the minimum. After this time remove all of the clips and gently run your fingers thought to separate the hair. Use a soft boar bristle brush (I use Denman) to brush out the spray.

Step 5

Bring the hair over one shoulder, twisting hair from one side and pinning to the head. It’s not essential that this is neat; you can cover with diamanté clips or any other hair accessory of your choice.

How TO Modern Hair 3



Give your hair one last spray to protect it from the elements and set it in place.

Elle final 4 

Now, for the make up!

How to Create….a Pretty, Soft, Vintage Inspired Look

This look is perfect for anyone looking to accentuate their best features – it’s about wide, flirty eyes, flushed cheeks and glossy pouty lips. The lip is strong but not bright, and the look hints at the ultra feminine style of the Gatsby era, so is perfect for brides who love the romantic look of Carey Mulligan in Lurhman’s film.  Gorgeous! 

Step 1

Apply a primer and a medium to full coverage foundation with a semi matte finish to give a beautifully even skin. I used Makeup Forever HD Foundation, buffed into the skin with a Real Techniques buffing brush.  Use a concealer if needed on any blemishes, and then add a brightening concealer under the eyes to highlight – I used Bare Minerals Stroke of Light. Sweep a cream blusher across the apples of the cheeks and blend along the cheekbone to contour. The blusher I used was Daniel Sandler Watercolour blush in Angel.

Step 2

This look is a soft smoky eye with a slight cut crease – when the socket of the eyes is defined. I began by defining the brows with a brow powder to achieve a perfect arch.  For the eyes begin with a nude eye primer to prep and blend shades of matte grey and blue grey through the crease with a blending brush. I used a flat angled brush to draw a line in the socket of the eye with a charcoal shadow, and then blended to soften.

Elle Makeup 2

Step 3

Using a fine liner brush and Illamasqua’s black liner gel, draw a thin line across the lashline with a slight flick at the ends.  Apply mascara to both top and bottom lashes, and add false strip lashes – these were Ardell Demi Pixies.

Elle Makeup 3

Step 4

Use a deep pink lip liner to create definition to the lips – this era was all about an exaggerated cupids bow so feel free to begin by drawing a little cross at the top of the lips, slightly outside the lipline if you want to achieve that real heart shape. Then add a deep magenta lipstick – try Lime Crime in CentriFuschia.  Finish the look with clear lipgloss, and powder the skin to set.

How To Makeup E4


Elle Final 3


A huge thank you to Emily & Amy for this week’s feature! And the best bit? We have another for you next week! Woohoo!

To see more of Emily & Amy’s fabulous work, head over to their websites!

Love Moi Make up

Flamingo Amy

Photography by Rekha Garton