{Wedding Wednesday} Sticks of Rock, Cocktail Umbrellas & Bright Beautiful Colours; Sarah & Hal

Wedding Wednesday is finally here!

Today, let us introduce to our newlyweds of the week, Sarah and Haland.  This is the romantic tale begins in Egypt, when Haland spontaneously proposed to Sarah under the stars in Egypt in May this year, after 8 years together.  Their wedding took place on the 5th October at Ye Olde Plough House in Bulphan and was photographed (and submitted) by Anesta Broad.

So without further ado, let me hand you over to our beautiful bride, Sarah…

When did you start to plan your wedding, was your husband involved in the planning or did you both instinctively know what type of wedding you wanted?

We decided the next day that we would probably get married in April 2014.  However we ended up looking on the internet and my mum was also looking at venues when she stumbled across a wedding package for October 2013 (this was in just under 5 months’ time) at the Ye Olde Plough House in Bulphan.  The package was being released on the internet the next day, but having already been to the venue two years before we knew that we liked the venue. As we didn’t want to miss out on the deal, my mum provisionally booked it.  It was important to us to get a venue that would cater for the amount of sit down guests that we wanted. The day after returning from holiday, we went to look at the venue and booked it for 5 October.  I had exams in June and needed to study for these so I could not concentrate fully on wedding planning.  By the time my exams were over this left us with four months to organise the wedding.


Tell us a bit more about your day; was it a big or intimate wedding?

We invited approximately 80 close family and friends to celebrate the day with us with an additional 50 joining us in the evening.


Where did you source your suppliers?

We visited a few wedding shows where we found our photographer Anesta Broad.  I used friends’ contacts to find our cake maker Out of the box.  Our florist and venue dresser was Pots of Petals, who my sister had also used for her own wedding. She went out of her way to make sure we were happy with everything and we knew that we did not have to worry about the venue setup. I also used a couple of wedding planning apps on my phone. 


Tell us about your photographer, did you feel comfortable with them, what type of service did you get, would you recommend them?

The photographer was also a really important part of the wedding as this is the thing that you use to remember your special day by.  I was pretty picky with the wedding photographer that I picked.  I looked at Anesta’s website and photos that she had previously taken.  I really liked her when I met her and I liked the style of her photos that she had previously taken. I am very pleased with the photos.   Anesta was a big help with doing a schedule for the day and helping me keep calm throughout the day and making everyone feel relaxed, she really seemed to focus on the detailed shots as well as fun shots and she made sure that every shot on my list was done.


How did you know that your wedding dress was ‘the one’? What about the shoes and accessories?

I brought my wedding dress the day after we got back from Egypt from the first shop we visited House Of Couture in Hornchurch Essex. 

2013 Wedding at Ye Olde Plough House Sarah&Hal_LR-370

The dress I bought was the third dress I tried on and I loved it.  I have heard a lot of brides saying that they had a dream dress in mind and that when they tried it on they did not like it and ended up going for a dress completely different.  I always wanted a princess dress, however with this in mind I thought I would go for a tight fitting dress with a fish tail.  So I went into the shop completely open minded.

 I was asked what style of dress I wanted so I asked to try on each style of dress on.  I started with the tight fitted dress with the fish tail on and liked it and then went slightly bigger with the next dress and liked that one too…with these two dresses I could see myself wearing these on my wedding day until I tried on the third dress, the biggest of them all, then I knew this was definitely the dress for me.  It was my dream princess dress with lots of detail and sparkle. I looked in the mirror and I had the biggest smile on my face and my mum and sister who were with me loved it too, we all knew it was the one.  

I had to choose flat wedding shoes due to the length of the dress, which I wasn’t happy about at first, but in the end it was necessary. I bought three pairs of shoes in the end.  One pair to wear for the ceremony, another pair of flip flop sandals to wear if my feet started to hurt, and a pair of white wellies, in case it rained.  I got a headpiece to wear instead of a tiara as I felt it suited me better and fitted well with the dress and how I was having my hair.  The jewellery was also picked due to the sparkle and how it would sit against the sweetheart neckline of my dress.  The veil was borrowed from my sister as it matched the dress perfectly and became my something borrowed. 

2013 Wedding at Ye Olde Plough House Sarah&Hal_LR-180 What did you do to make your wedding personal to you both? 

While on holiday I was thinking about the holiday theme and we came up with a lot of ideas that would involve some DIY.  For the name places I came up with the idea of decorating cocktail umbrellas and putting name labels on them made from ribbon.  I stuck individual diamantes on each of the umbrella arms which took a lot of time and my mum sorted out the ribbon to put on them with the names on.  My mum and I spent a couple of evenings doing this.  My mum and dad also helped to make the table names too.  The table names that we chose were the names of hotels we had stayed in together, along with a picture of us taken on that holiday, and the country the hotel was in.  


2013 Wedding at Ye Olde Plough House Sarah&Hal_LR-217

What favours did you give to your guests, if any?

The wedding favours were also a DIY project.  The favour organza bags were ordered online as were the rocks, to fit in with the wedding theme.  We then put the rocks in the bags to make the favours.


What was your most memorable part of the day?

My favourite part of the day was Haland’s speech, it was absolutely beautiful.  I enjoyed the whole day and it was lovely to see that everyone was enjoying the wedding that we had planned especially knowing that the day had gone to plan. I would like to say a massive thanks to my mum and dad as I could not have done it without them.  

2013 Wedding at Ye Olde Plough House Sarah&Hal_LR-221

What song did you have as your first dance?

We had Hey there Delilah by Plain White T’s.  This is a song that means a lot to myself and Haland.  I also had a first dance with my dad, and we danced to I loved her first by Heartland and we chose this song because of the words, it is such a beautiful song and fitted my family well.  

 Where did you go on Honeymoon?

For our honeymoon,we returned to Egypt where Haland proposed.

2013 Wedding at Ye Olde Plough House Sarah&Hal_LR-203I thought we would leave you with that last shot, as it’s such a beautiful moment captured. Awww… We do love a bit of romance! Huge ‘congratulations’ to you both, we wish you every happiness in your life together.

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Until Next Time xxx