{Wedding Wednesday} An Italian Romance: Nicole & Mattia

Oooh, what a treat we have in store for you today. Last week we took you back to the Swinging 60’s and this week, we are taking a trip to one of the most romantic places in the world, Italy.  How I adore Italy. It’s been a favourite destination of mine for years, so when Nicole got in touch with us and sent us a selection of photographs, I was so excited to feature it on the the Guide.  We are talking, hi-low wedding dresses, black and white photography and some truly happy people… I also have some serious fringe envy, how fabulous does Nicole’s hair look?

Nicole & Mattia were married in the Marentino Municipo (Marentino City Hall) on the 14th of September 2013.

IMG_2511 copySo, how did Mattia propose?

I suspected maybe he would pop the question at some stage during the year as we had reached a stage in our relationship where we both knew we wanted to marry each other. However the actual proposal itself was incredibly unexpected.

IMG_2573 copy

Because I am a New Zealand citizen and my Husband (Mattia) is an Italian citizen we had been struggling to find a country were we could both stay together. We meet in London in 2010 but my Visa expired in 2012. We decided we would move to either New Zealand or Italy and at the time we decided on Italy. After arriving in Italy and having numerous problems trying to get a visa I returned to New Zealand for 3 months in the hope of finally getting a visa. After arriving in New Zealand and finding that Italy was in the process of rewritting its immigration laws and had closed all applications until they decided they were finished I again returned to Italy and was allowed in the country for 3 months only on a tourist visa. When this 3 months expired we returned to London, as I legally had to leave Italy, and I booked a return flight to France on the hope that France would allow me in and then I could cross the border to Italy. When we arrived in London I was given a stern warning by border control that if France decides they could deport me on the spot as apparently I am only allowed 3 months in all of the EU.

IMG_2614 copy

We decided we would risk it. The night before I departed for France and Mattia departed for Italy Mattia woke me up ( We were staying with our friends at our old apartment we shared together in 2011) with a box in his hand. He got down on one knee and ask me if I would marry him…Of course I said YES! In the morning when I awoke fully I had to keep checking my hand to make sure it wasnt a dream. Thankfully France decided to be nice and let me in and after a long 6 hour bus ride we reunited again.

IMG_2632 copy

Mattia proposed in April and to help solve some of the issues we were having with visas we decided we would get married as soon as possible. After figuring out that Italian summer time was not an option (due to the incredible heat during lunch time) we decided on September 14th with the ceremony at the local Municipo (cityhall) in Marentino, Piemonte and the reception at Mattias Grandparents farmhouse nearby.

IMG_2715 copy

Not long after we got engaged we also bought a house together.  Our typography invitations were  designed and printed by Nello Russo, Torino. So other than deciding the location and that we wanted a very simple, countryside wedding with a BBQ we hadnt planned anything else. We didnt have time to recommence wedding planning until 2 weeks before the wedding!

IMG_2794 copy

Thankfully we are in Italy and Mattia has the most incredible family. We all sat down at a Sunday lunch and decided what we wanted( Mattia and I both had a very clear idea of what we both wanted), where we were going to find things and we delegated as much as possible to the family. Mattias mum was fantastic in organising what needed doing when and kept on top of everything for us. One week before the wedding we went shopping at the local wholesalers and bought all the food we needed, we handmade 1000 ravioli with Mattias 91 year old nonna, we cooked for hours straight serving simple but traditional Italian dishes.

Thankfully the night before the wedding all of our friends and family had arrived from all corners of the world and everyone lended a hand to get all the preparations complete and at 1am the morning of the wedding we were almost set ready to go.


We wanted all of our friends and family to share with us our special day, we send out 140 invitations, including friends and family from New Zealand who we knew, unfortunately, wouldnt be able to make it. At the end of the day we estimate that around 110 people made it on the day. It was the perfect amount of people. Not too crowded, not too sparse.

We are incredibly lucky that our photographer is a close friend of ours, Chiara Esposito (http://chiaraesposito.com/) and she knew us well enough that we didnt even need to discuss what we wanted. She was incredible at capture all of the special moments from before the wedding, during at the end. She did a fantastic job and we couldnt be happier. Chiara delivered to us 350 photos both in color and black and white.

Until the day of the wedding I was having incredible doubts about the dress. I purchased the original dress from H&M conscious collection however the only one they had left in the country was a size 14! I am usually a size 6 or 8. However, I bought the dress anyway because I adored the fabric in the hope that we could alter it to fit. After 3 fittings the dress stil didnt fit right. We had altered the back, neck and taken it in all around but it still wasnt fitting quite right. 5 days before the wedding I went back for the final alterations. Because it was still 4cm too big all around it would take her some time to fix it and I wasnt able to try it before the day. Just in case it still didnt fit I had a back up dress which I had bought also from H&M for the reception and I was prepared to wear that to the ceremony if needed.

IMG_2747 copy

Thankfully we the dress was delivered, an hour before the ceremony, it fitted like a glove! I was over the moon and was so incredibly happy. In that moment I knew it was the dress.

IMG_2813 copy

To tie in with the ‘something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue’ I had my underwear as old! my dress as something new, my earings borrowed from my sister and my shoes as my something blue.

IMG_2783 copy

We went shopping together with some friends of ours for Mattia’s suit.  After trying many of suits which didnt fit correctly we finally found in a small tailors shop in downtown Torino a beautiful blue suit. It was surprisingly inexpensive but fitted beautifully. He decided he would wear it with a tailormade white shirt and suspenders.

IMG_2504 copyWe both knew from the start that we didn’t want a traditional wedding. We wanted a wedding were there were no rules. We wanted it casual. A buffet, BBQ, help yourself beer and wine, a table of sweets for the guests. Interactive activities such as ping pong and a polaroid camera.

IMG_2472 copy

For favours, we had a stamp printed and brown paper bags available for guests to help themselves to sweets from New Zealand and Italy. We also had a polaroid camera available and at the end of the night each guests received a chinese lantern to light and realise into the night sky.

IMG_3013 copy

The most memorable part of the day was at the end of the night when we all climbed the hill, lit our chinese lanterns and made a wish while releasing it into the night sky.

IMG_2948 copy

Unfortunatly due to work and my family being over from New Zealand we are not having a honeymoon straight away. Instead we will probably have a honeymoon next year when we have more time to relax and enjoy it. We are hoping either South America or maybe a roadtrip around the entire coast of Italy.

IMG_2786 copy

Any tips for our brides-to-be?

DELEGATE!!! As long as you have a very clear idea of what you want and you can explain that in specific terms to someone else. If you are unsure yourself than you cant expect anyone else to understand what you mean and it wont turn out the way you wished.

Oh, I just love this wedding.  The black and white photography, I feel, adds even more charm to images.  What a beautiful wedding and a gorgeous couple.  Congratulations!! We wish you every happiness!

 Until Next Time xxx


3 thoughts on “{Wedding Wednesday} An Italian Romance: Nicole & Mattia

  1. Ahhhh Italy…. what a lovely place. This bride is gorgeous, she looks like a model! I love the simplicity of everything and yes, the black and white photos add a timeless type of charm

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