{Monday Muse} Should I book a videographer?

Well, Monday’s come around quickly again & it’s time for another muse of the week! Today, we’re musing over videography. Should you book it? Can you afford it? What are the benefits?

The conversation between my husband and I was probably like lots of couples. We don’t really need  a videographer, it’s just a luxury that some people have. We’ll have the photos, that’s enough! Well, while budgets are obviously a major factor to consider in the wedding planning journey, it’s really important to think about all the years after the wedding too!

Once the big day is over, your photos and video will be your biggest reminder of the day. There is nothing nicer than looking back over your pictures or settling down on a rainy afternoon to watch your video. It also gives you a great perspective of your wedding day through the eyes of a guest – you get to see all the bits you missed because you were too busy being the focus of attention! I adore watching our video, seeing the guest’s reactions to each part of the day and, of course, the speeches which never fail to make me cry every time.


Also, like many other people, we decided that having a friend with an iPhone and steady hand would be more than adequate. And to a point it is. You get those crucial moments on video which you can enjoy again & again. BUT a wobbly picture of the speeches with all the background noise of children crying or chatting, glasses and cutlery chinking or guests mumbling doesn’t exactly give the same effect!

So, what’s to consider when thinking about booking a videographer?

  • Can we afford it? A good videographer capturing your special moments is going to cost a minimum of around £500 so it’s important you budget for this
  • Who should we use? Spend as much time researching your videographer as you would your photographer. We all know that a deal “too good to be true” is exactly that. Don’t skimp if you don’t want to be disappointed.
  • Are photos enough? Your photos will undoubtedly be precious to you after the big day but nothing evokes the emotion of your wedding like a video.

And to end this feature, we have an extra special treat for you! The lovely Kate & Lewis’s video, shot by the wonderful Philip Smith Visuals! Kate found Philip through the guide so what a perfect way to show just how wonderful a wedding video can be!


Kate & Lewis

And be sure to visit our videography section to see our wonderful suppliers to capture your big day!


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