{Monday Muse} Keeping your guests entertained at your wedding!

Happy Monday, one & all! It was a crazy busy week here at a Vintage Wedding Guide, with a fair to organise & young Natalie taking herself off to London Fashion Week (lucky lady!). Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of running The Vintage & Alternative Wedding Fair in Cambridge and met some truly brilliant exhibitors & wonderful brides & grooms to be who were looking for something unique for their big day. I’m so lucky to always attract such greatly creative people to these fairs and I wanted to share some of them with you today!

If you’re getting married soon and everything is in place for the big day, your thoughts might turn to what your guests are going to do in those “down times”. Especially if you’re getting married early in the day, there could be a period of time between the ceremony and reception where guests are lingering. That’s not a bad thing, but you might want to think about what they’re going to be doing while you & your newly betrothed are off having your photos taken or before the reception meal is ready. If you have children at your wedding, this is even more important! So, what are our top 5 tips to keeping those guests entertained?


1) Create a quiz, treasure hunt or game for your guests! Make it really personal about you two – questions about your childhood or jobs and see who wins! Maybe even offer a prize for that winning team. This is a great way to get people talking around the table too, especially if you have that table of couples who might not know each other.

2) Book a fantastic musician, group, band or DJ to fill the gaps. There’s nothing like some live music to create a great atmosphere at a wedding. At mine, we had a 60s jukebox playing so people could choose their own tracks and enjoy the music before & during the meal.

Top singers, groups & DJs

Disco Wed

The Popettes

Cherry Morello

Joanna Lee

Disco Wed

3) Garden games – if you’re having an outdoor, summer wedding invest in some great garden games. A wedding I recently coordinated had village fete style tombolas, guess the weight of sweets & other fab games to keep all ages entertained!

Garden game providers

Serendipity Street

Garden Games Ltd


4) Marryoake! Because singing is always fun, right?!

5) Book a close-up magician! I NEVER thought I would appreciate this until I saw one recently at a wedding. He did an AMAZING job of going around to the mingling guests, performing small, close-up tricks and keeping the kids in total awe of him for hours!

Magicians I recommend

Kieron Kirkland



Be sure to add your own ideas, guys! See you all for Wedding Wednesday in a few days! x


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