{Monday Muse} Halfpenny London Bridal Dresses

Hello everyone…

It may be grey, wet and miserable where you are (if not, I envy you), however, it is Monday Muse today and as you well know, we adore gazing at different bridal collections and today is no exception.  So, whether you are having a sneaky peek at work or grasping those few free minutes with a cup of tea, settle down and enjoy.

Halfpenny London is the namesake of Kate Halfpenny who is renowned for being an ‘award winning celebrity stylist and costume designer’.  Kate is renowned for her exquisite designs that flatter the female form and exude elegance, something that has propelled her to becoming hot property amongst notable celebrities and directors around the world.  This summer, the flagship bridal boutique, Halfpenny London was opened in Bloomsbury, London.  There are four unique collections which are equally as beautiful as each other, yet Kate’s signature style is prevalent.  All of the collection is entirely made in Britain – something we are very passionate about over here at the Guide.

I, personally think, that the collection below is utterly divine.  You can tell that time has gone into creating this pieces, each one carefully thought about.  Another aspect, which I feel can sometimes be neglected, is the back of the dress.  Each of the dresses has an eye-catching designed back; low backs to sheer designs… all stunning.

Look at these, too…

Oh, check out these beauties…

Wowee! If you fancy one of these gorgeous gowns, why not take a peek at Halfpenny London’s website and book an appointment. They are just fabulous!

Until next time xxx


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