{Monday Muse} Diary of Natalie’s Wedding Planning – The Dress!

Happy Bank Holiday!

Isn’t it such a treat to wake up on a Monday morning and for it to be a Bank Holiday. I love them. So, what have you all been up to this weekend? Anybody tie the knot?

Well, for me, I have had a wonderful weekend.  I took a trip to Brighton with my mum for a couple of nights to have a browse round some wedding dress shops, for inspiration, of course. I wasn’t going to buy anything, surely looking for the perfect dress takes months?

I had a very good idea of the type of dress that I wanted, the designers that I love, styles that I certainly wouldn’t go near (meringue-princess-style!) I envisioned a tea-length dress, something cute, 50’s or 60’s style. However, I did decide that I wouldn’t rule everything out.  This was my opportunity to try on some exquisitely made dresses, not a chance I often get.  I researched the shops I was going to, making sure that there was a selection that I loved. I didn’t want to waste their time, or mine.


Lou Lou

Jenny Packham gowns, are as gorgeous as they look, yet actually on my hourglass figure they didn’t give me that “WOW” factor that I had hoped for – as beautiful as they looked, they weren’t ‘the one’.  Caroline Castigliano gowns were gorgeous, again not for me.. Naomi Neoh – OH MY GOD! I could have snapped it up there and then. In fact, I thought I had found the one I was after. I thought it looked gorgeous, but I didn’t feel emotional about it but then, should you?  I had another appointment booked for the following day, so if I was going to make a decision, I would do so tomorrow.

314175_Scarlett - resized

Naomi Neoh

The next day, mum and I had a leisurely breakfast and stroll along the seafront and then made our way to the shop.  It was luxuriously-fabulous. I was lucky enough to have the manager sit with me, discuss my ideas, my likes and dislikes… She grasped what I was after instantly. She was fantastic.  Pretty much all of the gowns were fabulous, how would I decide?  From Claire Pettibone to Temperley… They were all beautiful.

I tried on a range of styles and ooh’d and aahh’d. I felt like a Hollywood movie star trying on all of these gowns.. If only I could choose all of my clothes like this.  I tried another one. It was incredible… was this the one?



Then, I tried on another one. It was perfect. I didn’t want to take it off, we all smiled. I had THAT moment.  Yes, my lovelies… I had a couple of tears! haha! Sound silly, doesn’t it. Incredible.

I hadn’t intended it to happen. But it happened. I found the dress. We celebrated with a glass of bubbly. It was and is wonderful.  I can’t quite believe it, but I am beyond thrilled with my choice. I wish I could show you a picture, but I want it to be a surprise for any friends that may be reading this… (even you, Karen!) hehe! I cannot WAIT to wear it, for Daniel to see me in it… What is even more special, is that Brighton is a place that is so special to us: we got engaged here, chose my engagement ring together, I got my dress here and Daniel will be getting his suit here, too.


Claire Pettibone

My top tips for going dress hunting:

1. Have an idea of your likes and dislikes.

2. Consider your venue.

3. Don’t rule out all long dresses or short dresses.

4. If you are self-concious about any area of your body, let the stylist know. However, you may find that with the cut and fabric used, areas you were self-concious about could actually look fab!

5. Research the shops before you go, ensure they have styles you like.

6. However tempting it is, DON”T try on a dress that is way over budget – it could lead to disappointment.

7. Wear flesh coloured or at least white underwear – black knickers beneath those dresses is a no-no! I luckily thought of this prior to any appointments.

8. Trust your instincts – if you are unsure, have a think. You have to feel beautiful and truly happy in your dress so that confidence will radiate.

9. I would suggest going with your mum or best friend. Too many people could lead to confusion and be a bit stressful.

10. Celebrate your purchase with a glass of bubbly – or a bottle of bubbly, like me and my mum did.

11. One for luck – Have a fabulous time!


Until Next Time xxx

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