{Feature Friday} Cherished Bride

YAY! Friday is here, my lovelies and what better way to spend it than gazing at some beautiful, handcrafted head dresses?

Welcome to Cherished Bride! Sourced from the most unusual and stunning vintage jewellery that is combined with millinery, headpieces are created that can not only look absolutely gorgeous with your wedding dress but also can be a wonderful heirloom to pass down the generations. I think some of them have a magical, enchanted forest, Midsummers Night’s Dream feel about them – very dreamy! Abby says, “Our collection is deliberately eclectic, reflecting the individuality of the original treasures and the wearer. Delicate, whimsical and unashamedly pretty”. Well, we couldn’t agree more.

Enjoy and prepare to be dazzled x

Which ones did you like best? Have you found your headdress yet? Why not have a virtual wander over to Abby’s website, Cherished Vintage and swoon some more… You may very well find your dream headdress there.

Have a wonderful weekend xxx

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