{Monday Muse} Glamorous, Gorgeous Gowns – What To Wear To A Vintage Wedding…

Happy Monday!

I hope you have had yourselves a glorious weekend, be it filled with wedding planning, trying on that dress for the first time or even having your hen weekend. I spent my weekend relaxing with my beau, having a movie marathon and a sneaky Pizza Hut take-away (yes, diet resumes today!)

Now, don’t get me wrong.. I adore pouring over images of wedding dresses – I cannot get enough of them. However, isn’t it also fabulous gazing over dresses that you could potentially wear to a wedding, too? Oh, yes it is!

Admittedly, some may be WAY over our budgets – but the thing is with high-end fashion, is that there is bound to be some fabulous alternatives on the high street. And, boy did I spot some beauties over the weekend. In fact, some of them could be worn to your hen night or if you are having a special meal with your family the night before the wedding… And of course, any of these could be gorgeous bridesmaid options, too. See, always a reason to buy a new frock!

Take a peek at these.. let me know what you think.

Oh, and look at these…

And these, pricey…but gorgeous!

And just one last selection, before you go…

After all that beauty, i’m off to check my bank balance to see if I can purchase any of them! haha!

Which ones did you like best?

Until Next Time, Natalie xxx


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