{Flower Friday!} Floral Trends & Tips from Red Magnolia

It’s Friday and the start of another wonderful weekend! For once, in the craziness of wedding season, I have a weekend off!! Woo-hoo! If you guys are busy wedding planning, then today’s post should be a monumental help with the floral side of things! I have to admit, I know NOTHING about flowers! My mum is a really keen gardener, so luckily I was able to hand over control of my bouquet to her, but I had a good idea of what I did and didn’t want. If you’re befuddled by flowers or don’t know your peony from your primrose, then this is the post for you!

Today, the very lovely Jill from Red Magnolia guides us through the minefield of flowers by clueing us up with current trends as well as helpful hints on how to choose those perfect blooms! Get your mid-morning cuppa and have a read!



Gypsophila was once only viewed as a filler flower, it is now making a comeback and standing out proudly. Its delicate and fluffy texture certainly makes an impact in wedding designs and there is a current trend with brides requesting Gypsophila, from table vases to a beautiful full domed bridal bouquet or even a headdress design.


DIY weddings have become increasingly popular over the last few years, whether its handmade invitation, favours, decorations or wedding flower designs with many recent brides choosing quirky jam jar, tea cups or vases to decorate the centre of the tables.

Its also a great option to help with a tighter flower budget as vases can be sourced by a bride from raiding their grandmother cupboards, shopping in charity shops or even getting a bargain at a local car boot sale to find quirky, mismatch vases and jars.

Decorating your own vases with beautiful fabric or lace certainly adds a personal touch to your wedding and allows an opportunity to get your friends and family involved.

By sourcing your vases yourself will also help save the cost of hire charge from a florist or supplier. These arrangements then can be given as gifts to your guests as a lovely token to remember your wedding day.



These lovely jars were decorated by a bride using fabric, lace and ribbon containing beautiful Amnesia and sweet avalanche roses, sweet peas, viburnum, gypsophila and eucalyptus.

Choosing your flowers

My advice would be, before visiting your florist, do your research to see what types of flowers are available in the season your are getting married. Simply search the internet on wedding websites, blogs or the Wedding Flowers & Accessories magazine which has a fabulous section on seasonal blooms.

Here are my top three flowers perfect for a wedding.


Hydrangeas are in season from May through to October, available in a huge variety of colours and are perfect for a wedding.

There are numerous ways of creating beautiful designs whether its a bridal bouquets, table arrangements to decorating your wedding venues.

Although they can be expensive, the size of hydrangea heads allows you to cover a large areas in an arrangement which may help to reduce cost.

View the design below to see different ways to use hydrangeas for your wedding whether a bouquet, pom poms, table arrangement or to add texture to a buttonhole, hydrangeas are very versatile.

Red Magnolia Floristry

 Red Magnolia Floristry 


In season late spring to mid summer with a single and double form and with a wide variety of colours and scents these fabulous flowers are a perfect choice for a dreamy bridal bouquet.

I personally adore the Sarah Bernhardt Peony, with layers upon layers of blush pink petals, this beautifully compliments pink and lilac tones within a bridal bouquet



Piano Roses

Over the years I have noticed some bride shy away from the ‘common rose’ as described, but you would be surprised by the vast variety of yummy country garden roses available.

I adore the beauty of the Piano rose, a deep cup of layers upon layers and once opened this perfect English country rose is simply striking in a bridal bouquet.


Next step, once you have researched which flowers are in season and chosen the ones you loved, my advice would be to set up a wedding “Pinterest” board. “Pinterest” is a great tool to collect data and is a perfect source of information to email your potential florist, this allows them to have an insight into your vision of your wedding day and start to build a portfolio of your potential colour scheme and designs.

A huge thank you to Jill for sharing her tips & trends on choosing your wedding flowers! To see more of Red Magnolia’s beautiful work, head over to their beautiful website!




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