{Feature Friday} Choosing Your Wedding Cake, Angel Cakes…

Woop! Woop!
Friday is here, and we are so close to the weekend! Always a reason to celebrate.  What are you all up to this weekend? Choosing your cake, by any chance? If so, we have some TOP advice from one of our fabulous suppliers, Angel Cakes, which you must take a read of before you go tasting those delicious pieces of heaven.
Cake. We all love cake. Ok, some claim to not like cake (are they crazy?) but these days, your average wedding cake does not have to be the dull stereotype of yesteryear – Now, we love vintage here at AVWG HQ, but boy, do we like modern wedding cake interpretations. From lemon drizzle to devils chocolate, red velvet to chocolate swirl.. there is literally, something for everyone! In fact, why not go crazy and have a different tier with a different flavour.
Daniel and I are planning to attend our first cake-tasting trial soon (with a glass of bubbly, of course), so I personally found these top points very handy.  Anyway, sit back, relax, and have a good read… preferabbly with a piece of cake and cuppa tea – perfect!
I hand you over to Beckie Desmond, owner of heavenly, Angel Cakes…
1.       Budget – Be realistic and honest with your cake designer about your budget, a five tier cake covered in sugar flowers is going to cost more than £250.    Trusting them to do their best to meet your design brief and stay within your budget will make the process a whole lot easier.
Spring Vintage
2.       Choosing the right Cake Maker – Choose a designer that produces the kinds of cake you are looking for, someone who specialises in sugar flowers, may not be as good at making sculptured cakes.  Most cake makers will offer a sample service, so you try the cakes they offer and make sure the cake is going to taste as beautiful as it looks.  Have a good look through their portfolio.
Country Garden
3.       Design – When you meet with your designer, make sure you take colour swatches, samples of invites, pictures of centrepieces, etc along with you to help your designer visualise your day.  This will help when creating a new design and will help ensure the cake matches in with your theme/decor/colour scheme.
Button Bouquet
4.       Go taller instead of wider!! – Adding more tiers to a cake doesn’t usually cost much more than increasing the size of the tiers! Consider going for a slimmer 4 tier cake, rather than a wider 3 tier cake, the overall appearance is much more pleasing to the eye
Crochet Flowers
5.       Book early!! – Cake designers take orders sometimes up to 18 months in advance, so if you find your dream designer, make sure you reserve your wedding date with them.  If you are still unsure of what your dream cake will be, designs can normally be finalised once all your other plans are in place.
Good advice, huh? I can’t believe that some people book their cakes so early – I best get to that cake tasting session pronto!
ps. how cute is the Crochet cake at the end, too good to eat!
If you would like to have Beckie design your cake, take her peek at her website and get in touch!

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