{Monday Muse} Do I need a wedding planner?

It’s Monday again & suddenly it’s August! I have no idea how we are 8 months into this year already and really in full swing of wedding season! We’re loving hearing all your wedding planning stories and tips. If you have anything to share, please feel free to leave us a comment in the box below or via our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AVintageWeddingGuide

Today, we’re musing over a wedding service some might think of as a luxury – a wedding planner. Before getting married myself, I would never have thought I a) could afford a wedding planner b) needed one. And, boy, was I wrong on BOTH counts! Having a totally DIY wedding, like so many brides, I had no staff to depend on at our reception! Luckily, my family & friends really were wonderful at pitching in and helping the wedding be the most wonderful day of my life. But, I do look back and wish that maybe I didn’t give my mum quite as much work to do in the run up to the wedding, that maybe our friends would have enjoyed the day a bit more had we not asked them to help man the BBQ, DJ for us and generally save the day through the little hiccups.

I was also very lucky that because I had such resourceful friends, I didn’t have to find too many suppliers for my weddings. This was made all the easier due to the fact that our venue was on our own property so the hard part was done for us. But for someone starting from scratch, with such a massive array of venues and suppliers, it can be a daunting task! Of course, A Vintage Wedding Guide didn’t exist when I was planning my wedding so I didn’t have this incredible resource to help find suppliers you really can trust to make your day the best of your life! We like to think of ourselves as an online wedding planner just for all you vintage-loving brides!

So, why do I now suggest you should consider employing a wedding planner? Well, I’ve noted the most important services a wedding planner can provide below – I’m sure you agree that these are invaluable to the modern, working bride!


  • Supplier sourcing

Whether it’s finding your venue, right at the start of your planning journey, or just finding those last minute special touches, finding reliable and trustworthy suppliers is key. Yes, there IS Google, but type in “Wedding photographer” and you might just be there for DAYS scrolling through the various websites! Recommendations can never be beaten and, at A Vintage Wedding Guide, that’s why we also recommend suppliers who we KNOW offer a high quality level of service.

  • Styling help

We all love a bit of pinterest and wedding planners & stylists love it even more! They can help you create the exact look and feel of your day through their expertise of what is available to style your wedding to perfection! Some brides love trawling antique shops and bootfairs for the little touches but, let’s face it, not all of us have time! A wedding planner can direct you to the right places & people to truly make everything perfect!

Styling by The Traditional Vintage Flower Company

Styling by The Traditional Vintage Flower Company

  • Organisation of the day

Most brides & grooms will be getting married for the first time. This could also be the ONLY huge event you will ever organise! If you’re unsure of your organisational skills, why test out them out on the most important day of your life? A good wedding planner will work with you to create a detailed itinerary of the day, where you need to be at every moment and ensure that the day runs as smoothly as possible.

  • Supplier management

What happens if one of your suppliers is running late? You don’t want to be chasing them up on your phone the morning of your wedding when you should be relaxing and enjoying the morning with your bridesmaids! A wedding planner & coordinator will ensure that all suppliers are in the right place at the right time. And, in the unlikely event that something does go awry, they are responsible for sorting it out without causing you the stress!

  • Guest management

Now we all know that there are certain jobs the ushers have on the day. Unfortunately, in the excitement of a wedding (or maybe after a couple of shandies) those ushers might not quite fulfil their duties! I’ve often heard suppliers say that they’ve helped out with guest management on the day and this is great! A wedding coordinator will make sure that everyone is taken care of properly throughout the day and this is especially important if your venue is unstaffed.


  • On the day management

Having someone there you can point people to in case of any hiccups is a Godsend. If your venue doesn’t have a staff who can help, having a wedding coordinator can help with getting your receiving line in place, announcing your presence, directing suppliers and ensuring the day is a success from start to finish! It also means that if something is forgotten or goes slightly wrong, there’s no need to get any family or friends involved and allows you to truly enjoy the day without the stress of worrying if everything is covered! Your wedding day should be FUN and you can fully relax knowing someone is there dedicated to ensuring every detail is covered.

Sarah dress

Richard Payne Photography

And the best part? Wedding planners & coordinators don’t have to cost a fortune. Some can be really flexible and provide the leave of service you need without taking on a whole package. Maybe you have all your suppliers ready to go but would just like a professional to make sure the venue looks its best? Perhaps you’d just like that peace of mind that means you don’t have to worry about family & friends stepping in at the last minute. Be sure to have a look at the services we can offer here at A Vintage Wedding Guide to ensure you get the best you can for your wedding day!


2 thoughts on “{Monday Muse} Do I need a wedding planner?

  1. I think a lot of Brides-to-be have this idea that Wedding Planners are only used by high end/celebrities & will cost the earth! Everyone’s see the Jennifer Lopez film! being a Wedding Planner myself I have found that some brides just need a bit of guidance in probably just sourcing a dress or finding the right venue. it needn’t been the whole package! It’s a minefield out there & Brides sometimes just need some advice & support to make them feel that they can enjoy their day without the stress!

  2. I completely agree, it’s not about being extravagant, a Wedding Planner is there to offer help and advice on sourcing vendors, timing your day and ensuring all the little bits are tied together nicely so you don’t have to worry, but they can also be a support system, there to calm nerves on the day and help the Bride, Groom and even family members enjoy the day as they should.

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