{Wedding Wednesday} Boho Chic & A Tale of Unexpected Love

Happy Wednesday!

It’s that time of the week again.  One of my favourite times as it’s nearer to the weekend, AND I get to share another gorgeous wedding with you.  Today’s wedding is of Jo and Phil, which was a humanist wedding that took place on the 17th May, this year at St Michael’s Manor in St Albans, Hertfordshire. What made stood out for me, was not only the love story of Jo and Phil – a tale of unexpected love and overwhleming happiness, but also how naturally beautiful everything seemed to be.  For me, I adored the pastel coloured bouquets, Jo’s dress and  hairstyle and floral hairpieces evoked a boho-chic style.  Effortlessly gorgeous! Especially, their darling, little girl – so adorable.  The final photograph is perfect and sums up just how in love these two are… *SWOON* Anyway, I hand you over to our bride of the day, Jo, to tell us all about their story…

“We met in a random bar in London; somewhere neither of us would normally go. Both of us were newly single, bruised and sworn off the opposite sex.  Phil gave me ‘the look’ and my friend Clare informed me ‘Beckham over there is checking you out’. 
Clare and I did a brief lap of the bar and got chatting and exchanged numbers. We didn’t really expect much but after our first date in a byo Thai bar in kings cross I realised that I had stumbled across a ‘very good man’.  

Slowly and cautiously we got closer until 5 years later on holiday in Palma, Spain he unexpectedly proposed in a quiet beautiful restaurant.  I was initially confused during the proposal as I was handed an empty box with a note inside saying ‘would you like to choose something sparkly?’.  I was reluctant to assume anything absence the bending down on one knee! As he had tears in his eyes and then said ‘will you marry me?’. I responded ‘blimey!!’ and ‘yes!!!!’ then jealously watched him drink champagne (I was two weeks pregnant). 

I wanted to enjoy the wedding planning process so we got married two years later. 
It’s felt like the most natural thing ever.”

Documentary Wedding Photography-7255Wowee… Isn’t that romantic? And what an amazing shot that final photo is – definitely one for a huge frame in the living room.  There’s nothing quite like seeing two people so in love and happy, starting out on their journey of married life together… Awww! Congratulations Jo and Phil – we wish you every happiness.

Of course, such beautiful photographs not only require fabulous couples but amazing photographers, too.  These photographs are by the talented Michelle Claire Photography.  They all have a soft, fine art quality to them.  As you have heard me harp on countless time, getting a good photographer is paramount.  Now, if you fancy contacting Michelle to see what she can do for your day, why not drop her line.  I just know she would be delighted to hear from you.

Be sure to check out Michelle’s fabulous website here


Until Next Time xxx


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