{Wedding Wednesday} Floral Wedding Dresses & Fabulous Shoes

Hello you vintage lovers!

It’s one of our favourite days of the week here at AVWG HQ. Why? Coz, we ADORE weddings.  Real Weddings always provide us with so much inspiration – ideas for your day or perhaps even what you don’t want. For me, I love seeing the couples personality shining through, visualising their love and being so creative with the space they have around them.  The beauty with a lot of weddings nowadays, is that there is a handmade feel to them.  Instead of the princess styled affair, brides and grooms are returning to how weddings used to be: bunting, gathering friends and family round to help, cupcakes, flowers created by friends or even more of a handpicked style and cakes being made by a family member.  Of course, we all have our own way of creating our day but it’s so inspiring to see vintage inspired weddings.  Surely, that is what it should be about – a family, handmade affair, not a competition over how much a couple has spent.  That’s why, I love this wedding.  It has such a country village feel and looks like everybody had a wonderful time, oh, and the brides dress and shoes! – Woweee!

“This was a wedding that I had been looking forward to for a VERY long time! It was my very first Vintage Wedding, and my goodness it was a goodie. The Bride wore a vintage 1940′s dress, not white, but a beautiful floral pattern. She had meticulously bought and found vintage items to decorate the lovely Church and Village Hall, all of which are now available to rent out as she has started up a business using everything!”

“The flowers were done by her close florist friend, Mrs Umbles and were so beautiful and in keeping with the theme, the cake was made by I think the Grooms Mother and everyone had a really integral part to the day and making it so gorgeous.”

“The whole stunning wedding was set in just one village, Halford, Warwickshire. The beautiful Bride, Nikki got ready at The Halford Bridge (the pub and hotel in the village) then we all walked down to Halford Church and then walked back up to the very quaint Village hall. They were all so much fun to photograph, especially the ‘Photobooth’, which Nikki had made herself the day before! This was a proper ‘Country Summer Wedding’ and I could go on and on about it, but I shall let the photographs tell the story of this particularly special day!”

Halford Wedding (24)Very gorgeous wedding, doesn’t it look so colourful and well put together.  We love Charlotte Wright, the photographer, too.

If you would like her to photograph your day, check out her website and get in contact -she’d love to hear from you!

Until next time xxx


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