{Monday Muse} Vintage Bridesmaid Dresses

Happy Monday – well, we have to try and be positive at the beginning of the week, don’t we?

For Monday Muse this week, we have turned our attention to vintage inspired bridesmaid dresses.  So, you have your dress all sorted but how do you transcend your vintage theme to your bridesmaids without imposing your style onto others? Of course, the most important thing should be that they are comfortable in what they are wearing (we have all seen those awkward, cringe-worthy meringue style bridesmaid dresses in old wedding photo’s) Plus, you do not want them to be smiling sweetly to you but secretly cursing at their ridiculous outfit that they had no say in, do you? No, we didn’t think so.  Having been a maid of honour once before, my friend simply gave me a colour scheme and a budget and let me choose what I wanted -I did make sure she liked it before I purchased it BUT it made me feel like I had a choice and was able to choose a style that suited me.  I personally think this is a great way to approach the bridesmaid dress. However, there are oodles of designs out there and you could get a style/pattern/colour that you like and get the dresses customised to each individual, even if they are pregnant.  A great company that do just this is Maids To Measure but you can also approach a range of incredible designers that offer a similar service or simply take a peek at our selection of dresses and see if there is something there that tickles your fancy.

Below are a range of vintage bridesmaid to fill you with inspiration… Enjoy!

Look out for a future post all dedicated to flower girls and paige boys!

Until Next Time xx

Credit Where Credit’s Due..

All these beautiful dresses are courtesy of the following fabulous designers:



http://www.dollydagger.com – click through to Dolly Dagger’s website on their banner on the left hand side of this blog!



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