{Wedding Wednesday} Nikki & Matt’s Art Deco Wedding

Good morning! We hope this week is going well for you all & you’ve managed to get some sunshine where you are! Today, we’re sharing the beautiful art deco 20s inspired wedding of Nikki & Matt which was planned….wait for it….in 3 months! What an amazing achievement – this wedding is elegant and classic with real vintage touches that make it styled to perfection! And I really love the way the guests have joined in with the theme & dressed in the 20s style too! Enjoy!

Nikki & Matt

The Swan Hotel, Alton, Hampshire

Saturday 30th March 2013 

mattandnikkiwedding photography003

How did Matt propose?

Matt and I had talked about marriage and we both knew it was a question of when rather than if. I’d always joked with Matt that if he was going to propose he’d better do something spectacular! As it was, it was completely unplanned an spontaneous (no bells and whistles!), but so heartfelt and perfect that I burst into tears and said yes straight away. It happened at the end of June 2012.

mattandnikkiwedding photography006

When did you start planning & was it a joint affair?

We both knew we didn’t want a long engagement, but also knew that having just bought our first home together that needed (still needs!) lots of work, that finances were an issue, The venue came first, a recommendation from one of Matt’s friends who had worked for the parent company. We chose it as it was a great size for the intimate wedding we wanted had a lovely vintage feel and they offered a package for 50 guests that was too good to miss! We booked the venue pretty soon after we got engaged, and toyed with the idea of an October wedding (when our first date anniversary is) but felt we couldn’t manage it in such a short space of time. Ironically, aside from attending one bridal fayre at our venue in September, which really prompted the whole 1920s theme idea, and spending lots of time looking at ideas online, we didn’t actually get ourselves properly in gear until after Christmas, and we planned the whole thing in under 3 months!

mattandnikkiwedding photography143

Our wedding was an intimate affair, with 50 guests. The whole day was 1920s themed, and even our guests made the effort to come dressed the part.

Where did you find your wedding suppliers?

I have no idea how people planned weddings before the advent of the internet – I used this mainly as a resource for inspiration though as our modest budget meant we had to be creative in achieving the look we wanted! Our venue was amazing and took control of sourcing all the décor – they found exactly what I wanted at really reasonable prices after the supplier I had sourced let us down really badly less than 2 weeks before the wedding! I was very much the ideas girl and I’m very lucky to have an incredibly artistic husband who was able to bring these ideas to life – he made all of our invites, name settings, table titles, favours, table trivia and seating plan.

One thing we did splash out on was the cake and Alison Cakes For All recreated what I wanted perfectly. I also found the most amazing hairdresser online who recreated the 1920s hair we wanted absolutely perfectly – Hannah Brown Hair.

mattandnikkiwedding photography070

Tell us about your photographer

Our photographers were amazing and we love the results! Matt went to university with Julia (but they hadn’t seen each other for about 15 years!) and we were lucky enough to have not only her, but her husband Ian there to capture our day from start to finish. Julia very much became one of the girls and Ian one of the boys when we were getting ready, and this continued through the day. I would 100% recommend them!

mattandnikkiwedding photography077

How did you find your dress, shoes & accessories?

It was all about finding the perfect look/details, and then recreating them to suit our budget without looking cheap!

My dress was based on a picture I had found on the internet of an Anna Sui dress, and was recreated to suit me by friends of mine who have recently set up in business. I am very proud to have been Adrien and Ben’s first bride, and the service they gave me was incredible! The detail in my dress blew me away! They also made both bridesmaid dresses and completed all three in under a month for me! http://www.bahbua.com/

mattandnikkiwedding photography309

My beautiful bouquet was homemade by my very talented bridesmaid and best friend Kath – lots of trawling the sales and amassing vintage inspired jewellery, combined with her hard work meant that I had a bouquet lovelier than those I’d seen for £500+, for more like £50! I found lovely gold vintage look sandals in the Monsoon sale for £16!!, where I also picked up a cute sequinned gold clutch.

mattandnikkiwedding photography011

My headdress and earrings were both internet finds from Etsy & Love T & Co

mattandnikkiwedding photography016

mattandnikkiwedding photography020

mattandnikkiwedding photography021

Did you help choose your husband’s suit?

Yes. We ummed and ahed over whether to go for sack cloth, plus fours or dinner suit for a while, then, without giving too much away I let Matt know my dress would probably be better suited to a look of a glamorous evening out. We had a trip out along with our lovely pageboys and one of the best men to make sure they all matched. Matt found his fab two tone shoes online.

mattandnikkiwedding photography149

How did you make your wedding personal to you?

Our wedding was very personal to us as so much of it was homemade and we organised every detail just as we wanted it. Both of us look back on the day with nothing but happy memories – we wouldn’t have changed a thing! Our budget of £6,500 for everything meant that we had to be creative, which actually meant it became far more individual and unique than it might have been had we had tens of thousands to play with.

mattandnikkiwedding photography383

What did you have as your favours?

Each of our guests had a personalised chocolate bar with their name on the wrapper – designed and made by Matt

mattandnikkiwedding photography388

What was the most memorable part of the day?

Gosh, the whole day was amazing picking just one is impossible. A few highlights would be Matt wiping a tear from my face during the ceremony as tears rolled down his own cheeks (he’s really not normally a weeper!!), having chance to see the amazing outfits our friends and family had put together (I was so touched by the effort everyone went to), entering the room once it had been dressed for the reception (it looked just as I had dreamt it would!!), the impromptu karaoke (in particular all the groomsmen’s rendition of ‘My Milkshake…’!!!)….. I could go on and on!

mattandnikkiwedding photography195

Which song did you choose for your first dance?

We had Etta James, At Last. I walked down the aisle to Glenn Miller’s Moonlight Serenade.

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

We had two weeks in Orlando, Florida behaving like big kids on all the theme parks.

What advice would you give future brides-to-be?

Shop around – usually the first image you find of something you would like is the most expensive version of it! Try not to get stressed out by others who may have chosen their dress etc over a year in advance, and trust your own tastes. Remember it’s YOUR day and try not to get swept up in family politics or pleasing others above yourself – you’re allowed to be selfish for once!

How beautiful is this wedding? It is a brilliant testament to the fact that you don’t need spend tens of thousands of pounds to create something elegant, stunning & glamorous. Huge thanks to Nikki & Matt for sharing &, of course, to the marvellous Julia & You for their amazing photography!

To see more of Julia’s work, head over to her website:

Julia & You


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