Monday Muse ~ It’s All About The Shoes…

Happy Monday!

 Yes, it’s the beginning of the week..AGAIN! How do weekends fly by so quickly?  Now, I thought it was high time that we had a post about a girl’s best friend (no, not diamonds – the other best friend!) shoes! Shoes: high heels, flats, platforms, pumps, flip-flops, gladiators, t-bar, sandals… There are so many to choose from all year round but what do you choose for your wedding day?  I know that I want something fabulous, decadent, as comfortable as slippers (ok, I realise the latter is unlikely), the Cinderella of all shoes, the ones that I will definitely be going to the ball with my prince in.  I will probably spend a bit more on the shoes than I normally would *eeek* but maybe it’s worth it.  I had a peruse at some gorgeous shoes and have put together a collection that I think you may just fall in love with. Take a peek at these beauties!

Emmy Shoes

‘Francesca’ – Emmy Shoes


‘Francesca’ – Emmy Shoes

The Francesca is embellished with crystal and mother of pearl shell embroidery, with a soft blush leather and metallic rose gold trim. How absolutely gorgeous are these, almost too good wear aren’t they? I adore them.


‘Carmen’ – Rachel Simpson

Beautiful. These are very Art-Deco, and the heel height would hopefully mean that they would be very comfortable too.  These shoes are gorgeous enough for a wedding but wearable enough for another special occasion or to simply update some skinny jeans or pencil skirt.


‘Chole Aqua’ – Emmy Shoes

Wow! Doesn’t the colour of these just pop! Perfect for the bride who is after a flash of colour against the white of the dress.  Also ideal for a bridesmaid or indeed ANY occasion.  Very lust-worthy, in my opinion. This particular shoe is from Emmy’s bespoke service, which is pricey, however you get to customise your dream shoe in any colour or design that you like and you also get a variation of heel heights on offer!


‘Olivia’ – Emmy Shoes


‘Olivia’ – Emmy Shoes

Very Vintage Indeed. The ‘Olivia’ from Emmy is ever so pretty and is a twist on the traditional vintage wedding shoe.  The brogue details and organza bow really does work with a wedding dress, see above.  What do you think of this style?


‘Esme Fuschia’ – Emmy Shoes

I couldn’t resist another flash of colour – I adore the fuschia and gold combo; vintage with a modern twist!

'Matilda' - Emmy Shoes

‘Matilda’ – Emmy Shoes

The side detailing on the ‘Matilda’ platform is ever so pretty and although high, the platform should make things that bit more bearable.


‘Ginger’ – Rachel Simpson

Oh, how beautiful.  Dainty, 1930’s style, Ginger Rogers springs to mind when I see these. Subtle and Hollywood Glamour!

Now, I couldn’t do a feature on shoes without including Irregular Choice.  Affordable, unique and funky.  Take a peek at this collection – they are sure to jazz up and outfit, bridal or even as a guest…

Well, I bet that has whetted your appetite to go shoe shopping, it sure has with me! Are you currently looking for wedding shoes, or have you recently bought some and blown the budget or likewise found an amazing pair for a bargain?  Is it worth spending a lot on shoes for one day…

Please discuss, we would love to hear from you!

Until next time xxx

All images courtesy of Emmy Shoes, Rachel Simpson and Irregular Choice – Thank you for making such fabulous shoes to adorn our feet with x


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