Wedding Wednesday ~ Roman Bath, Australia, Art Deco Earrings & Sunshine…

Good Morning Vintage Lovers!
As you know it is Wedding Wednesday today and we have been very lucky to feature a wedding that took place at the Roman Baths in Bath.  A place filled with history, stunning decor and romance and it is here where the gorgeous couple Aly and Sam made their vows.  The photography is by Stefanie Trower who captures the essence of the day perfectly.  I adore the smiles on their faces, particularly Aly – you can just tell that this is a couple truly in love, so much so, the sun seems to beam upon them throughout the day. Aly’s dress is beautiful and those Art Deco earrings and headdress are divine. Whenever I get to see wedding photo’s, seeing the bride and her dad, always brings a tear of happiness to my eyes.  Something so beautiful about that. Anyway, I will leave you with some words from Stefanie and a selection of fabulous photographs.  Enjoy x
Alyson & Sam_7574_2 Alyson & Sam_7607crop_2 Alyson & Sam_7603_2 Alyson & Sam_7589_2
As a wedding photographer I’ve shot at a number of different wedding venues, but it was really fantastic when Alyson and Sam decided to hold their wedding at the Roman Baths in Bath as it such a unique and beautiful venue.
Alyson & Sam_7680_2
Alyson & Sam_7705_2 Alyson & Sam_7628_2 Alyson & Sam_7754_2
Aly is originally from the Costwolds but had moved out to Australia where she met Sam, and so they decided to make the journey back to England for their big day.
Alyson & Sam_7764_2
Alyson & Sam_7779_2Alyson & Sam_7864_2 Alyson & Sam_7863_2Alyson & Sam_7935_2
Her theme was very vintage and Jodi from Face Perfect By Jodi did an amazing job of tying into to that theme with beautifully styled hair and make-up, using Aly’s stunning Stephanie Brown Jewellery that she’d bought over with her from Australia.
Alyson & Sam_7792_2 Alyson & Sam_7990_2 Alyson & Sam_8047_2
Alyson & Sam_7899 Alyson & Sam_8176_2 Alyson & Sam_8079_2
I absolutely love the amazing architectural features of the Baths and really wanted to make the most of the venue especially as we were so lucky with the weather – it was as if Aly and Sam had brought the sunshine with them from Oz!
Alyson & Sam_8237_2 Alyson & Sam_8248_2
Alyson & Sam_8030_2 Alyson & Sam_8272_2 Alyson & Sam_7646_2 Alyson & Sam_8100_2
 Alyson & Sam_8133_2 Alyson & Sam_7935_2 Alyson & Sam_8354_2
They really looked fab together and totally in love – it was a pleasure to shoot for them and from what I hear they are thrilled with the results!
Alyson & Sam_7944_pp_2
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Stef does travel, so if you fancy having her be your wedding photographer do get in touch, she would love to hear from you. A HUGE thank you to Stefanie for sharing these special photographs and we wish Aly & Sam every happiness. *MWAH*
Until next time xx

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