Monday Muse ~ Why You Should Book A Hair & Make-up Artist For Your Big Day

Good Morning! We hope you had a gorgeous weekend, what a shame it is already Monday and those grey skies have returned… Oh well.  Today we have a guest post from the very talented Dawn Taylor.  This is a topic that I often debate for my wedding, so I thought it may be something you have thought about, too.  So, I will hand you over to Dawn and she is going to give us the professional reasons as to why we should book a hair and make-up artist for our big day! I’m already convinced…!


So ladies you have spent weeks, months and in some cases years, pouring over magazines, gathering pictures and ideas and googling the life out of your laptop looking for the perfect dress, photographer, cake maker,etc etc so why then skimp on your make-up and hair?

 Here are a few reasons why you should book the services of a professional who does it for a living and if like me hugely passionate about what you do, loves the joy of making your bride feel and look absolutely amazing on her wedding day.

  • It’s a little bit of pamper/you time on the day of your wedding (you will probably be feeling a little nervous) and this is your chance to sit, relax and just enjoy being made to look fabulous.


  • Professionals will use a whole range of long lasting, tried and tested skin prep products that will ensure that not only do you look great, but it will last all day and all night long.  There is nothing worse than a shiny face in photographs and your make up beginning to slide down your face by teatime!


  • Its all very well going to a make-up counter and having a lesson, but by the time you have actually purchased all of the products you are going to need and will possibly not use again, this will all tot up to more than you would have paid a professional in the first place.


  • Professionals will know now to correct any flaws you may have, redness, dark circles, blemishes, etc without overloading the skin, as well as knowing how to correct, contour and highlight, as well as knowing what hair styles will suit your face shape, hair type, etc.


  • Remember, your professional artist will do this for a living and have made up 100’s of brides so will have a wealth of experience of how things run on the day.  Providing a timetable for the morning to make sure all runs smoothly and in conjunction with other professionals is all part of the job!


My tips on choosing a make-up/hair artist for your wedding day.

Ask your friends for a recommendation; did they look fabulous and have a great experience?

Dawn1 Dawn2 Dawn3

Check out their websites for examples of their work and see if there are images that you might like for yourself, particularly if you are looking for something to fit a theme or a particular look.

Dawn4 Dawn7 P1020889

 Do they specialise in wedding make-up and hair?  


Do they offer a trial run through?   A professional make-up/hair artist will work with you to achieve your chosen look for your wedding day.  You may like a certain look but its then down to the expertise of your make up/hair artist to tweak it if needs be to suit you.


We want to know what you think? Has Dawn’s advice given you the nudge you need to hire a professional on the day? Or, have you already booked a professional, if so, how did you know they were the right person/people?

If you are as impressed by Dawn’s work as we are, why not get in touch with her and see what she can do for you and your bridal party for your wedding.  

Have a lovely day everyone!

Until next time xx


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