VW Campers, Sunflowers, Samba & So Much Happiness ~ Sarah & James

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
It is that mid-point of the week, which of course, must mean it is Wedding Wednesday!  Today we are featuring a very special and unique wedding,
guaranteed to fill you with inspiration.
Now, I REALLY adore this wedding.  The colours of bright yellows and pastel blue and greens, exudes bursts of summer and happiness, and the smiles of everyone surrounding them is just so beautiful.  The brides dress, again is gorgeous – check out that belt! The bridesmaids dresses complimented the theme perfectly…The Samba Party…Ok, I have said to much!
Allow these beautifully taken photographs and words by a very talented lady, Charlotte Wright, transport you away from the grey skies and rain and take you back to 1st September 2012, where Sarah and James tied the knot and lived happily ever after…
10 3 4 5
Cast your memory back to last September… Grey, wet, cold and miserable spring to mind? Well not this day… The day of the Wedding dawned bright and sunny, a miracle! At 9.30am I was with the beautiful bride to be, Sarah, her parents and bridesmaids. I have never photographed such a happy group before a wedding, no nerves, no stress, just giggles, champagne and the occasional tear from a very proud Father.  
6 7 8
The dress was modern, elegant and stunning; the flowers were wheat, sunflowers and beautiful; the car was big, blue and took some coaxing – a fabulous VW Camper!
9 2 1 19
After the photographs at the house, I sped off to the Church, trying to beat the Bride & her Father, I managed, thanks to that old VW! The nervous Groom, James, was waiting, with all the guests seated and ready. A lovely service followed, it was intimate and moving, with laughs in the usual places!
18 17 16 15
The reception was at an old Quaker meeting house, with gorgeous views down to a lake. It was perfect for photographs. James is a fireman, so the obligatory fireman’s lift photograph had to be done! We took all the photographs outside and then went inside the amazingly, hand-decorated marquee for food and speeches.  After the touching speeches and a few drinks later, the couple had decided to surprise everyone and throw a Samba Party! Brilliant idea in theory, but mixing dunk boys with drums…… Well, it was entertaining, if a little off beat!
14 13 11
I left the couple after their first dance. It was the happiest Wedding I think I have ever been a part of
As a photographer you are thrown in at the very deep end, you are placed almost central to a Family, with them at every step of the way, through the biggest day of their lives, and yet afterwards, you barely see them. This was the Wedding that I have missed the most; the couple, all the guests, the bridesmaids, the laughter. What amazing people and amazing memories”
What a beautiful range of photographs.  The smiles and laughter just capture how amazing the day was.  The wedding party clearly felt very relaxed in Charlotte’s presence and you just know they will never forget her.  I doubt she will ever forget them either.  Truly stunning.
Congratulations to Sarah and James and a HUGE thank you to Charlotte for sharing this wedding with us.  Your photography is fabulous xxx
If you would like Charlotte to photograph your wedding, why not take a peek at her website and get in touch – she would love to hear from you: www.warwickshireweddingphotography.com

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