{Guest Post} Plan that perfect hen party!

Happy Monday!

Today, we have a wonderful guest post for you and this one is for you clucking hens! If you’ve ever been in the position of planning a hen party for a friend, you’ll know what minefield it can be! Where to go? What to do? Will everyone come? Will everyone pay? So, today, we have Luke from Hen Stuff to talk us through the trials & tribulations of organising a hen do and how to take the stress out of it! Enjoy! x

Under Pressure?

We’d like to briefly chat to you about hen parties, the pressure attached with planning them, and how to take a more relaxed approach to the whole thing. We know that you probably have had enough to plan with the wedding and all the options, budget plans and melodramas that come along with it. The last thing you and those helping you plan your hen party need is the added worry of trying to make it perfect. Don’t get us wrong, it can end up perfect – but perfection is achieved through making your party true to yourself so forget about the rest.

Group people dancing at party.


We know that for some of you, a lot of the stress stems from trying to outdo each other. By that we mean there is a lot of competition between woman when it comes to weddings in general and hen parties are another extension of that. In fact, there is so much competition that they have even made some reality TV shows about it where brides directly compete to see whose wedding is superior.

Yes, it is the most special day of your life, but you would also quite like to have much better food served at a classier venue at the same time. The last hen party you went to was a weekend abroad and you had personalised t-shirts given to you along with a carefully selected schedule of super-fun activities. That is great, you had a blast. How is it going to compare to a standard night out in your local town or city though… surely inferior? Not necessarily, your hen party is whatever you want it to be and your hens will enjoy it whatever you choose to do.


The great thing about the growing hen party market is that it gives you the consumer an ever-increasing list of activities and options. This means you can stop worrying about competing and start thinking about validating. If you have want to indulge in the bar scene without going for a full on night out how about a cocktail class. If you want to make more of a weekend of it how about going away somewhere more locally. The range of hen party accessories available on the market today means you can add plenty of laughter and twists for a little amount of expenditure. Keep the laughs coming and everything else will fall into place.

Make It Yours

What we mean by this is injecting some individuality into proceedings. If you are an art lover make it an artistic affair. If you are a keen music lover think about going to a gig. You probably won’t please all of your girls (unless you are all identical in which case your job is easy anyway) but that is fine, that is not the point. It is more fitting that you cater to the bride-to-be, not only to give her a proper send-off into married life but to make sure the occasion is reminiscent of all-things-her (she is the reason why you are all out celebrating in the first place anyway, right?).

You are in a great place these days for choices of venues, activities and hen party accessories. All of these contribute to making sure the night is memorable and night is yours. Don’t get too bogged down in thinking about the last hen party you went to; just make sure this hen party and its memories last.

This blog was written by Luke Mulligan of Henstuff.co.uk. Check out our site for some great hen party ideas and hen party accessories. Inspiration is just a click away.


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