Wedding Wednesday ~ The Great Gatsby Affair

Hello Vintage Lovers!

This weeks Wedding Wednesday is very special indeed. I don’t know about you but I cannot wait until The Great Gatsby is released and to celebrate its imminent arrival we have a guest post today from a very talented lady, Mel Wilde.  We had the utmost pleasure of meeting Mel at Zoe Lem’s Vintage Wedding Fair recently and thought she was absolutely lovely. Her photography is utterly beautiful.  Mel is a natural behind the camera; she told me that when she looks through the view finder she pictures a scene, as though it is in a movie.  Everything in the shot is carefully considered and her attention to detail is clear.  Also, Mel has a way of making each woman she photographs look ultra feminine and beautiful. So, without further adieu, I introduce Mel Wilde and her collaborative ‘Great Gatsby’ photo-shoot with some amazing suppliers… Enjoy!

Recently, I was fortunate to have an opportunity to create, direct and photograph a bridal shoot like no other. Themed on the F Scott Fitzgerald novel, The Great Gatsby, and taking cues from the 1974 Ford Coppola film starring Robert Redford, my team and I set about perfecting a magnificent shoot.


This week, one of my favourite film directors, Baz Luhrrman (Moulin Rouge) releases his own cinematic version of this classic love story. Set in the roaring 20s of America, knowing what a visual feast his films usually are, the wedding sector is a-buzz with the aesthetic trends it’s likely to kickstart.


Designers and suppliers await with bated breath, but for one SW London and Surrey creative team, we got ahead of the trend curve and pulled off something rather special.


For those of you who are less au fait with the novel, Jay Gatsby spends his final summer before heading off to war romancing a young and wealthy socialite, Daisy Fay. In wealth and societal status, they are a total mismatch and he knows if he has any hope of wooing her seriously, he’d first have to amass a fortune worthy of her.


After a heady month-long romance, the couple part company, sorrow stricken. The story unfolds some years later, when Gatsby has bought his mansion opposite her marital home across Long Island Sound hoping for a chance re-encounter with the woman he’s loved for so many years.


Throughout, we see Gatsby as a man who yearns for nothing less than erasing her past. Standing night after night on his rooftop, watching for the lights on her dock and in her home, he wants to erase her marriage and take an opportunity to rekindle their love.


He’s associated wth excess, grand romantic gestures, an abundance of flowers and champagne – the trappings of newly acquired wealth. We knew instinctively that Gatsby would want to provide Daisy with only the best on their wedding day. So, we didn’t have one wedding cake… we had many!


Our shoot showed off his hospitality with an elegant decadent set of wedding accessories and an array of gowns. But, whilst Gatsby is known for astounding generosity and hosting lavish parties, Daisy often prefers smaller gatherings. Knowing a bride nearly always has her way, we limited the guest list to one. Daisy’s best friend and girl about town, Jordan; seen arriving here and looking dazzling.


Gatsby’s goal is nothing short of the dizzying desire to reinvent the past. He wants the time since their first summer to be reinvented as though the years since were always theirs.

In our shoot, we decided we’d afford Gatsby something he doesn’t achieve in the novel- because we give him his dream, his girl and their wedding.


Our concept focussed on our three characters, Daisy, Gatsby and Jordan Baker. Jordan in both novel and film is all elegance hiding sass. Daisy is far more emotionally fraught as a character, so we sought to tell a story of a wedding that was authentically Daisy Fay.


Her day is filled with occasional doubt, anxiety and indecision but ultimately a dreamy aesthetic that plays to her love of white and classic style. And, where would a girl be without her best friend to see her through a day this romantically awe inspiring… so Jordan’s role is as key as Gatsby’s. 


On shoot day, we were not blessed with great weather, but then I always think it’s reassuring for couples to see what can be achieved in the rain. Our characters danced around puddles and played out the stylish 20s wedding Gatsby and Daisy might have had. The simplicity of the colour white abounds in the novel and in our images; it was beautiful.


No wedding is ever complete without a fine entrance and a first dance to remember. The ballroom was a stunning place to finish our couple’s tale and see all the team’s talents come to fruition.


I am indebted to the team for their outstanding contribution and creativity. I endorse them all full-heartedly. They truly are the kind of wedding suppliers who seek to constantly hold on to their passion to offer their couples something really extra special.  xx

Credit Where Credit’s Due

Photography was provided solely by  [MEL WILDE PHOTOGRAPHY].

We shot our images at the delightful Warren House in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey.

Gowns were provided by Shanna Melville Couture and hair and make up by Tiffany Cartwright.

Flowers came through The House Floral Design, cakes through the Daisy Chain Cake Company.

Stationery was designed and given by Print Inc and vintage tea service accessories through Vintage Floral Teas.

Finally, jewellery was provided by My Siplada and Shanna Melville Couture.

4 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday ~ The Great Gatsby Affair

  1. Beautifully done post! I love how you incorporate the themes and emotions from the story with the pictures and ideas. Gorgeous wedding ideas!

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