Brief Encounters – Emma & James’s railway engagement shoot

Wow! Have we got an engagement shoot for you today! Packed full of romance – a shoot featured around steam trains, like a Brief Encounter in reverse! I love the way the photographer, Wendy, has used every detail of the gorgeous railway station and reflections of the couple in windows and puddles – it evokes so much romance and vintage charm. Sit back and get ready to swoon… Emma & James’s engagement shoot. Over to Wendy for a few words about the shoot…

Railways and steam engines have always held a special magic for me . . . right back to when I was a child waving at the trains going past. So you can imagine me leaping with excitement when Emma and James said they had booked Buckinghamshire Railway Centre  for their wedding reception next year and wanted their engagement shoot there too as close as possible to the anniversary of their wedding. The weather was perfect although the Centre is beautifully bright and airy and there are lots of indoor places to explore as well: Adrian and his team were so helpful and obliging, opening up especially for us. And the colours were amazing, which is why this sneak preview is nearly all in colour. Green fingered Emma runs Signature Flowers so had lots of ideas about how they would like the shoot to go but she didn’t want anything too contrived or loaded with props. I had been looking forward to seeing the heart of flowers she was hoping to make but she was too busy in the days leading up to the shoot and didn’t manage to do one. I’m sure there will be masses of beautiful arrangements at the wedding though .















Thank you to Emma and James for sharing your fabulous engagement shoot and, of course, to the wonderful Wendy Grant for her amazing photography. Please take a look at her website for more amazing images


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