Monday Muse ~ Hair & Make-Up, DIY or Hire A Pro?

Good morning everyone!

Hope you all had a relaxing weekend? Mine has been lovely, although I cannot believe it’s already Monday!

As you know, I am getting married next year and have had the debate of wondering if I should hire professionals to help us along the way or do it ourselves.


We have come to the realisation that although it would be great to have the time to do everything ourselves, because of logistics and time we are really not going to be able to do it all.  Plus, on the morning of our wedding we would like as least stress as possible, not to be running around making sure everything looks perfect – I am a perfectionist and everything must be just so..I can imagine on the wedding day I would go into overdrive haha! So, instead I would rather wake up on that beautiful morning and be relaxed and calm and just be looking forward to marrying the man of my dreams! *swoon* haha – this is a wedding blog, i’m allowed to be lovely-dovey! 😉



Many friends have said that I could do my own hair and make-up.  Yes, I could BUT isn’t it lovely to get all of that done for you. Plus, I have never had my make up done professionally and so why the hell not?! There are wonderful pro’s out there who will make this entire process so easy and create beautiful results.  We have a range of wonderful suppliers, don’t you know…Click here to see who we showcase. 


Are you going to get your hair and make-up done professionally or are you going to get a friend to help or even do it yourself? Did you do your own hair & make-up and wish you had hired a pro?


Kate Edmondson Bridal – headdress available from

We would love to hear your thoughts…

Until next time lovely ones xxx


One thought on “Monday Muse ~ Hair & Make-Up, DIY or Hire A Pro?

  1. I kinda did half & half. I couldn’t find anyone for vintage bridal make up in Essex when I got married but did find the wonderful Nova from Milk & Honey based in Norwich. She suggested that she gave me a lesson, left all her make up with me (beautiful Chanel & Mac products) and I did it myself on the day recreating what she had shown me. My bridesmaid was there when I had the lesson to make notes & then they helped me on the day with finishing touches. I thought it was great but I was a very relaxed bride and know that others want that security of a pro doing theirs & the element if soiling themselves x

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