Monday Muse ~ Kiss Me Deadly Swimwear

Happy Monday Muse!

Cannot believe the weekend is over but wasn’t it just divine having the sun make an appearance.  This got me thinking.. sun, sea…HONEYMOONS! Now, if you are heading off to an exotic location for your Honeymoon, have you considered what swimwear to take?

Perhaps you want to carry on your vintage theme through to your honeymoon, have something that flatters and accentuates the female form, leaving you feeling utterly gorgeous..

Well, I think you are going to find something amongst Kiss Me Deadly‘s swimwear collection.  Take a peek and let us know which you like best.

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Gorgeous, hey? I really love the high waisted bikini’s – they give you the most desirable hourglass figure and are just ultra feminine. How great are those photos, too.  Love the Pirate sword, although, I am sure my fiancé would give me a worrying look if I were to adorn one with my bikini… hehe!

Kiss Me Deadly also have an amazing range of vintage inspired lingerie and hoisery, so I highly recommend you take a look at their collections.

So, with the swimwear browsing done, I think it is about time to start perusing those Honeymoon catalogues..Barbados, here I – I mean, we 😉 come!

Until next time xxx

Credit Where Credit’s Due

All Images & Swimwear – Kiss Me Deadly:


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