Feature Friday ~ True Love Vintage

Yippee! Friday has finally arrived and what better way to look forward to the weekend than one of our Feature Fridays?

This week we are delighted to present you with something rather unique and quirky. I don’t know about you, but we have always had quite a love of cameo’s and what an innovative way of incorporating vintage style into your stationery? Those vintage-loving couples of you out there are sure to adore True Love Vintage. So, enough of me.  Let me hand you over to co-owner of True Love Vintage,  Phil Howell, who can tell you all about this wonderful concept…

‘True love Vintage’ is a vintage design company run by myself and Charlotte Brown, in the heart of Essex.  Our studio provides couples with hand cut bespoke cameos both before and after their wedding”  


 “We also provide a digital file to use on all their wedding stationery, we also design strictly bespoke stationery sets with a true vintage, bespoke styling. We don’t provide templates or use stock illustration everything is bespoke”


“We are both experienced graphic designers and have noticed that in the market of vintage weddings that the design is often a little off mark, typography is not always the best it can be and the same stock clip art is used again and again.  We aim to change this”


“We  provide a cameo service for weddings, these will be both digital cameos ready to print on everything brides and grooms would need and also a framed paper cut version, you will get the bride and groom both in separate frames”


“We also design tattoo inspired and bespoke wedding stationery” 

So what do you think?  Quite a different take on stationery isn’t it… We would love to hear your thoughts.  If you would like t contact True Love Vintage, then you can contact Phil on phil.howell@live.com.  Their website is coming soon (www.truelovevintage.co.uk).

Have a gorgeous weekend our darling vintage lovers!

Until next time xxx

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