Monday Muse ~ Love Miss Daisy

Why, hello there vintage lovers!

We have a truly sumptuous Monday Muse for you today, Love Miss Daisy.  Now, if you haven’t heard of this utterly delightful shop then let me introduce you.  Love Miss Daisy is home to a collection of vintage clothing and accessories and from those who have been, I have heard nothing but wonderful things. So, what makes them different? I hear you cry! Well, what makes Love Miss Daisy so special is that is also has the most gorgeous collection of vintage wedding dresses. When you enter their shop they won’t try to push any dress onto you but will guide you to find ‘the one’, which will even be affordable.

Finding your wedding dress is probably one of THE most important clothing decisions you will make, so it makes sense to find something that you fall in love with, making you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world.  As you all know, I too, am a bride-to-be and always on the lookout for my dream dress, I window shop from the comfort of my own home in front of my laptop, very frequently indeed – Karen often has messages from me pop up saying, “What do you think of this one?”.  The poor lady (she loves it really!).  So, I tell you no lies when I say that I have been on Love Miss Daisy’s website sooo many times and ‘ooh’d and ‘ahhh’d at their collection.  I think you will do the same when you see just a small selection of them here…

“Here at LMD we offer an eclectic range of vintage wedding dresses from the 1940’s to the 1980’s”

527359_10150682480028339_83468089_n 524712_10150682479368339_243889357_n 523015_10150682479543339_1341400897_n 545104_10150682480518339_1517984215_n

Photography: Olivia Shaw

Photography: Olivia Shaw

“We aim to keep our dresses affordable and wearable, so only offer the very best vintage condition at the best price. We are really proud to know that we have helped dozens of brides find their dream dress”

Photography: Jon Mold

Photography: Jon Mold

“There is nothing better than seeing that smile which says “this is the one!” This is our motivation to search out such beautiful treasures, and wherever we go we never stop looking!”

Photography: Love Miss Daisy

Photography: Love Miss Daisy

Dreamy aren’t they… Part of the appeal for me with vintage items is that sense of history that you get with them, a type of nostalgia that makes them feel so special.  You certainly get that with these beauties.

Which ones do you like best? Would you ever buy a vintage wedding dress, or perhaps you are – we would love to hear what you think, we never tire of talking about all things vintage, especially wedding dresses!

Go take a peek at their lovely website,

Until next time lovelies xxx


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