Vintage Valentine’s Competition – WIN a HUGE wedding bundle!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today really is the day for showing just how much you appreciate that special someone in your life! If you’re engaged, this could be your last Valentine’s before your big day, so why not celebrate in style?! To make your Valentine’s Day super special, we are offering a HUGE vintage wedding giveaway and, boy, are you in for a treat!!


Our exceptionally generous businesses have clubbed together to offer a truly AMAZING prize for our Valentine’s competition! From stationery to your hen party; photography to your cake, we have it covered! Here is the massive bundle you could WIN this week on the blog simply by sharing your proposal story!



WOW! Now that’s a prize worth winning! To enter, simply follow these simple steps:

  1. Tell us YOUR proposal story in as much detail as you can using the comments box on this page.

  2. Send an image of you & your partner to

  3. Share the blog on Facebook & Twitter to get your friends voting for you!


The story voted MOST ROMANTIC by our readers, will WIN this incredible bundle of prizes from our fantastic suppliers!

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12 thoughts on “Vintage Valentine’s Competition – WIN a HUGE wedding bundle!

  1. It was a trip last february to Kiruna, Swedish Lapland, we had just had the most amazing four days staying at a log cabin the forest. Nothing quite like the fire going out at 3am and seeing who will flinch first and get it going again! We had been horse riding, sliegh riding with the reigndeers, on a husky trip, hired a snowmobile and drank cocktails in the Ice-Hotel. It was bliss, we had yet to see the northern lights but on the last evening just as i was standing guard of the outside loo, i get the best jobs, they made a brief appearance. I thought as Michelle comes out i shall propose to her, it wasn’t planned or even thought of before the trip, just a magic moment that felt so right….right as in next to an Eco-bog in the middle of nowhere!!! so hoped for a better moment and was going to leave it at that..

    Next morning our last before heading home i took a stroll, said goodbye to the reigndeers and then grabbed Michelle and asked her to follow me down to the Frozen lake. It was a bright clear morning with a fresh dusting of snow, i then gave michelle a big hug before dropping down to one knee and asked her the most important question.

  2. My partner and I had been together since my mentor as a student midwife had suggested her brother as a friend on Facebook, I was a single mum with two sons and I thought I was facing a long time alone. After breaking the ice via social media his clever sister engineered our first meeting, it was nerve wracking and exciting and we ended up with each others phone numbers. After a long exchange via SMS our first date loomed and I couldn’t have been more terrified. Obviously it went perfectly and we have been together ever since.

    A few hiccups along the way both good and bad, bad was a horrific rugby injury (for him) and the arrival of our son on our 10 month anniversary was amazing it always just seemed right. To say I was desperate for a proposal was an understatement. He always made it clear that he would never do the obvious thing and wouldn’t do it in front of a crowd. So every time a moment arrived that seemed special I held my breath but nothing. My 30th birthday arrived and he surprised me with a beautiful white gold bangle in bed with my breakfast, I loved it but thought that was it for presents, another occasion with no little box.

    Then we had a lovely (also rare) day to our selves in Halstead, I gorgeous lunch by the river and I dared to hope that the beautiful sunshine the rushing water would induce a spontaneous proposal, still no. I put my hopes away and enjoyed the day.

    The next day was set for my BIG 30th birthday bash, It was fancy dress and I was wearing an orange meringue. I had planned it as a sort of wedding substitute. My fabulous friends and family came, after a few drinks the night began to get a bit fuzzy as I danced with my girls. The music stopped but I didn’t even notice, everyone else did as Lewis took my hand, I still didn’t have a clue. He got down on one knee and I heard a rushing in my ears and I realised what was happening, I cried until I couldn’t see (false eyelash in face) as he told me the last three years had been the happiest of his life and asked me to be his wife, I mumbled yes through the tears and he produced a ring, I was the ring I had always wanted. The next hour was a blur of tears and arms as everyone hugged my and reeled from the utter astonishment that he had actually asked me. I couldn’t understand how he had got a ring and planned the whole proposal and I just hadn’t a clue.

    We are getting married on September 20th this year and I cannot wait to become Mrs Griffiths xxxxx

  3. Our ten year anniversary timed nicely with a holiday to northern Spain and we had rented a cottage in the Picos de Europa mountain range for the week. We flew in a few days before we could get into the cottage and spent the time along the coast. As it was an important anniversary, we decided to treat ourselves to an expensive restaurant and, with the help of Trip Advisor and Guia Michelin, found the incredible Annua in San Vicente de la Barquera, a quaint seaside town complete with fort, cobbled streets and far reaching views of the Bay of Biscay. I had made the booking for the restaurant a few weeks before in a garbled Spanish email, so I was very aware of all the things that could go wrong. Once we were dressed in our finery and making our way to the restaurant, I confessed how nervous I was something would go wrong. We were about to spend an obscene amount of money on food and I didn’t want anything to mess it up. Happily, Alex admitted he was nervous too.

    The restaurant was every bit as gorgeous as its website claimed – a rattan-furniture clad balcony set over the sea, with huge parasols to shade us from the sun. We sat and had a much needed cool glass of Cava before moving into the restaurant itself. Set up as an indoor veranda over the ocean, with huge glass panes protecting us from the wind but letting the sun and the sound of the ocean into the room, our Michelin starred meal began with a glass of home-brewed beer and flavoursome bread and continued in this vein for ten delicious courses. A couple of courses came with a drink to match the menu, which we enjoyed while making our way through a bottle of Albariño. As the incredible array of main courses sadly came to an end, I took the opportunity to freshen up and took my time, as the bathroom came equipped with every luxury a girl could want, from warm towels to tooth brushes!

    When I returned to the table, the waiter rolled over an ice bucket with a bottle of some sort of sparkling wine and left us to it. Assuming it was part of the next course, I didn’t pay much attention to it, and we continued talking. Saying something along the lines of ‘this has been a perfect day’, Alex replied ‘that’s good’ and got up. Walking around to my side of the table and dropping down onto one knee, he asked me to be his wife as he opened a box with a sparkling diamond ring inside. Every girl hopes that her proposal will be eloquent and sophisticated, and while Alex managed it beautifully, I did not. Mesmerised by the fact it was happening and that there was a gorgeous piece of jewellery in front of me, my first words were ‘Will it fit?’ Asking me if that was a yes, Alex put the ring on my finger (it fit) and I said yes. Several times! Coming over to congratulate us, the waiter poured out two glasses of Gosset Celebris Champagne from the mysterious wine cooler and we toasted the wonderful day as Alex explained his devious planning to me. He had stolen a ring from my jewellery box several weeks previously, and had it sized at the jewellers to get the perfect fit. The weekend before we went away, he had had to work late. Except he hadn’t. He had taken the day off, made a three hour drive to my parent’s house to speak to my parents about his plans, who were sworn to secrecy, before driving all the way back home just in time to host a dinner party we had planned. Worried that the ring would get lost in hand luggage, he had popped it into his wallet and prayed he wouldn’t get searched at airport security while I was nearby. Luckily everything went smoothly and his proposal was perfect, exactly on the date of our ten year anniversary.

    Our wedding date is set for August this year and we cannot wait to share our day with all our family and friends!

    • Beautiful, the perfect proposal and how very romantic. I so hope you win, you guys deserve it.
      All the very best for August, CONGRATULATIONS X

  4. On one of the coldest days of the year so far, my boyfriend suggested we wrap up warm and go for a walk in the woods. I dutifully put on my wellies, ear muffs, coat and gloves (not my most attractive outfit!) and we set off.

    As we always do, we laughed non-stop as we slipped and slid on the mud and ice, grabbing on to each other as we almost fell. Only when we reached the highest point, with views from Essex right across to London, did we stop for a moment and he said “What a great view…” (then paused “… almost as good as this one.” When I turned around he was down on one knee holding a beautiful engagement ring. He was right, that sight couldn’t have been any more amazing.

    He had a couple of minature bottles of bubbly stashed in his backpack and as we sat toasting our engagement a few snowflakes fell. It was such a romantic moment and one that I’ll never forget.

    While the number 13 may be unlucky for some, on the 13th January 2013 I felt like the luckiest girl in the world – and haven’t stopped feeling that way ever since!

  5. After six years of being together and umming and aaahing about who’s parents & where to spend Christmas – we decided enough was enough and we were going to do our own thing, our best friend’s had invited us to spend Christmas with them and their fabulous children down in Cornwall.
    So off we went a few days before Christmas, with lots of whispers from my girls about an imminent Christmas Day proposal – after years of many special occassions coming and going with no sparkles appearing, i rubbished their suspicions and didn’t even think it would happen.
    Christmas morning came and we exhanged presents in bed – Greg had organised a spa day for me and my best friend, a day away from the children (for her), full of massages, champagne and yummy food! I was absolutely thrilled.
    We went to our friend’s to start our Christmas day celebrations and to do presents with their children, on arrival Hazel swiftly grabbed my hand expecting to see a diamond, no such luck!!
    After our lunch we’d decided to go for a nice big walk along the headland and beach, it started to rain and hurrying our walk up Greg asked me to stop for kiss – me being a typical girl was worried about my hair getting ruined (!!!!) but as it was Christmas agreed to a quick one. He then started fumbling around in his pocket and asked if I wanted my ‘real’ Christmas present….I just mmm’d and then he pulled out a gorgeous little vintage box and asked ‘Jessica will you marry me?’ – in complete shock I burst out crying and asked if he was joking?!! To which he just asked if I would be his wife!!! At this point our friend had turned around to hurry us up (they had no idea about his proposal plans) and started screaming, crying and ran over to hug us!! This also meant we’ve got some pictures of the seconds after Greg proposed, how very lucky are we!!!
    I stood, completely shell-shocked and bawling my eyes out, for about 2/3 minutes, before Greg had to ask me if that was a ‘yes’ and if I wanted to put my ring on!!
    and WOW what ring, he’d got it custom made by my friend and had been planning this proposal for months – he’d had the ring for a few weeks before we went away and said he’d kept it in his coat pocket and brought it everywhere with him for fear of me finding it or it getting lost!!

    Wedding date is set for Saturday 24th May 2014!! Oh so very excited 😀

  6. Tom took me away to stay in a gorgeous boutique hotel in the lake district at New Year’s. I had never been much of a fan of new year’s so he was determined to make it one to remember!

    On New’s Year’s day we set off on a long bracing walk through the Dalesway. Towards the end of the walk there was a mountain (steep hill!!) to climb which Tom was determined to go up, though I would have rather headed back to the town for a nice cup of tea! Tom’s determination won as, unbeknown to me, he wanted for me to walk up the mountain with my boyfriend but back down with my fiancé!

    When we reached the peak we found a quiet little clearing on the rocks to admire the stunning views of Lake Windermere. The weather had cleared and we could see across to the snow topped mountains in the distance. He asked me if I had had a good new year so far, then told me to shut my eyes as he had another surprise. I opened my eyes to find him down on one knee with a perfect engagement ring. He then whispered “Will you marry me?” Overwhelmed with happiness I was in floods of tears, so Tom stayed on his knee until I managed to get a ‘yes’ out rather than just frantically nodding!

    Once the ring was on he stood up and we were met by a small flock of sheep who had gathered from seemingly nowhere to witness our moment! Unfortunately we had to wait quite a while for another person to venture up the mountain to capture a photo of us in front of the breathtaking view. It was perfect, although I never imagined Tom would propose while we were covered in mud, totally windswept and with my hands turning blue! (Not that either of us noticed the cold!)

    When we got home a few days later we found out Tom’s dad had proposed to his Mum on New Year’s Day many years before. Neither of us has known that- it was obviously meant to be! We’re due to get married next year in a (hopefully!) warmer month and are so happy- although I never did get that cup of tea!

  7. I was completely 100% surprised when I turned around and saw Rak holding what is now my beautiful engagement ring and I haven’t stopped staring at it ever since!

    We were in Singapore for work and the whole trip had been a bit of a whirlwind. We couldn’t get over how lucky we were to be paid to fly out to this gorgeous city and the amount of planning and preperation needed had taken over our lives in the previous weeks. We were to be there for just four days and were with two other boys.I still can’t quite get over the amount of trickery between the boys that went on to set up the perfect moment!

    We had flown to Singapore with suits for the boys and a black dress for me to wear for our performance. However, it turned out that the company were providing us with traditional german outfits to wear for the performance (absolutely ridiculous ones fyi!) That day the boys all decided that they weren’t going to have carried suits to Singapore for nothing and that they would wear them the next evening. After our show the three boys were running on full adreneline and wanted to go out and explore the nightlife but I was really feeling the heat and the jet lag and went back to the hotel to try and catch up on sleep ready for a day off the next day – I wanted to explore!

    Rak got back in the early hours of the morning but still managed to drag himself downstairs for breakfast ready to take me to Singapore Zoo, something I had been talking about ever since I knew we were going!

    If you ever find yourself with the opportunity to go please please do. It was the most magical day ever! Hardly any of the animals are in cages. There were Orangutans above our heads and I fulfilled one of my ambitions and got to feed the elephants. There must be a hundred photos and a fair few videos of me with those elephants and I remember calling my mum to say it was the happiest day of my whole life. Little did I know! (I ummm also called my dad immediately after the Elephant feeding – totally forgetting about the 8 hour time difference! oops!)

    I nearly ruined everything by running to Luke’s room on our return to the hotel shrieking that I had to show him something. Thank goodness he didnt say ‘Congratulations!’ and quickly realised I meant photos not a ring!

    All day at the zoo Rak had been sneaking off to talk to our event manager and kept telling me it was because he wanted to meet us the following evening but that he had arranged somewhere nice for us to for dinner as a thank you. He INSISTED that I dressed up, and though I did think it was odd, he said it was because he had promised the boys he would wear his suit to meet them later and I had to match!

    We arrived at Supertree in the Gardens by the Bay and it took my breath away! Its a restaurent that looks like a tree from Avatar – its a long way up but the view was incredible. We sat in thrones whilst we ate dinner and we felt like royalty! When we had finished we asked if we could go to the rooftop bar even though they had closed it. They sneaked us up with two cocktails and we found ourselves alone on a roof with a 360 degree view of Singapore at night. The roof terrace was circular and had seats all the way around the edge with little trees covered in fairy lights and was just beautiful. I have a video of me running around filming the view – only when we got home did my sister (and now maid of honour) point out a really dodgy looking nervous Rak in the background! He went down the stairs to check that the rope was still across the entrance so we could have this amazing place to ourselves. He then asked me ‘What is your favourite view?’ I walked all around before deciding on the main view of the city, ‘this one’ I said and turned around to see him with the ring box in his hand.

    I instantly burst into tears! He started to go too but managed to pull it back with a well timed quote from Friends! I then had to ask him to wait so I could take off all of my others rings and put them in his pocket! ‘You dont have to kneel down!’ I said as the roof terrace had been closed due to earlier rain and it was still a little damp. ‘Yes I do’ he said and he managed to find one little dry spot under a chair! I couldnt take my eyes of his face and the most incredibly beautiful ring in his hand. I will never foget the picture of him, my perfect man, all dressed up in his suit on one knee with a gorgeous ring and the most amazing backdrop imagineable. He asked me if I liked the ring. ‘Yes!’ I said. ‘You know, you don’t get to keep it unless you answer me..’ In all the excitement I had forgotten to say yes! Of course you all know I did 🙂

    When we finally met the other boys they were almost as excited as we were! All these little confessions came out. Rak ‘I had the ring all day thats why I didnt let you carry the bag’ Luke ‘ Do you remember me asking you about those books at the airport? That was my way of getting me and Matt between you when we went through security just in case!’

    Our wedding is planned for May 2014. I cannot WAIT!

    Caroline xx

  8. John’s proposal to me wasn’t how I expected it to be but even now I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    We had talked about getting married some day as most couples do and decided that we just go with the flow and wait a couple of years.

    John is a soldier with the Territorial Army and has served in Iraq and Afghanistan so every remembrance Sunday his regiment parade in either Hertford or Chelsmford. This was my first remembrance Sunday parade with John and it was in Chelsmford. We picked up John’s mum on the way and we drove to Chelmsford Both of us were so proud of John in his uniform and with his medals.

    Peggy and I stood with other family members and many of the public remembering the brave men and women who have lost their lives for their country. John and the other members of his regiment marched past us and the I could see the look on Peggy’s face she was so proud of her boy.

    After the parade we took a slow walk back to the car and walked through the shopping center to meet up with his niece Nicola and her children- as we were walking through – people kept stopping John to say thank you – again the look on Peggy’s face said exactly how I felt – we were so proud of him. We started walking again and Peggy held out her hand and said to me “try this for size!” I looked down and saw a ring in her hand – I looked at John and he looked at me – he nodded to me to try it – I tried the ring on and was shaking the whole time especially when I realized that the ring was the one that John’s dad had given to her on their 25th wedding anniversary and that she had not taken it off. I tried it on and it fitted perfectly – I said Oh we have the same size that will be easy to find out what it is now – looking at John and laughing – next thing Peggy is telling me that the ring is mine – I just stood still and looked at John – who smiled and said “We’re engaged now” I just filled up and hugged the life out of Peggy – i knew how much the ring meant to her as John’s dad had passed away and that she had worn it everyday since he gave it to her. We got out of the shopping center and met up with Nicola who was the first person to know other than the three of us.

    Some people might think it a little strange that my future mother in law sort of proposed to me – but unknown to me John had told his mum he wanted to propose but he didn’t have a ring. The ring has a story and is precious – and now I have another story to add to it. John’s dad John was Peggy’s first and only love and if John and I have half of what they had I would be so happy. Hopefully one day i’ll get to pass the ring down.

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