Bespoke Bridal Range ~ Angels Carrying Savage Weapons

Good afternoon to you all and welcome to Feature Friday!

Here at the vintage wedding guide, we adore finding out about new vintage bridal ranges.  As you can imagine, when we learnt of the new bespoke bridal range, Angels Carrying Savage Weapons, we couldn’t wait to feature them and show them off to you! So pop that kettle on, grab some chocolate hob-knobs and enjoy…

Their handmade Couture bridal range was launched on their website on the 21st January 2013 and is also home to their bespoke bridesmaid and lingerie ranges as well as the new personalised gift range which is being launched around the start of the summer.  Perhaps you are the type of bride who doesn’t want to wear a white/ivory dress – no problem, ACSW caters for you too. Take it from me, the gowns are incredible and the corsets are DIVINE – I will sneak in a piccie of a corset, so you see what I mean…
Beautiful, elegant and streamlined two piece corseted couture wedding gown.
Let’s find out a little more about  this talented label
Angels Carrying Savage Weapons was conceived in 2005 by fashion designer Lindsay and graphic designer Lee fidler from their kitchen table, both at a crossroads in their careers and wanting to be in charge of their own creativity instead of working for others, developed the brand whilst still working in their respective careers. In the beginning the brand designed burlesque and retro style clothing with steel boned corsets being the main feature, it wasn’t long before clients from across the Uk were asking about alternative wedding gowns incorporating the corsets and the bridal range was born. At this time and luckily as they were running out of space they moved into their newly built studio in a new vocational centre attached to a school. The setup is part of the governments aim to get business to support vocational education and since moving in they have bespoke classes, supported and mentored, over 100 under 19’s wanting a career in the fashion industry.
Vintage inspired silk 1950s wedding gown christiane
Our bridal ranges are as eclectic as our brides, we have designed small ranges, but have found that the brides that come to us already have a good idea of what they want and just need to find the right person to design and make it for them. We constantly design and make new samples of dresses to give brides an idea of possibilities but thats all they are, they can change elements of a design, choose a different colour or fabric add detailing its completely their choice.
Vintage inspired handmade silk gown Pearl
All of our gowns are handmade bespoke pieces, we really care about the client and her wishes so we do our upmost to ensure she can have exactly what she wants, its one of the single biggest purchases a bride will make so its important that, she is happy, its also about the rapport we have with our clients, many of them we can happily call friends and return year on year for clothing from our sister website which is home to our burlesque and alternative fashion range, some of them even just drop in for a cup of tea and a catch up and one brings me home made cakes.
Gold Cream Corset Wedding Dress
What inspired this creative pair in their desgins?
We find a lot of our inspiration comes from film, art, theatre, music, books, fashion photography, drawing towards things that evoke an emotion of some kind, wether it be happy or sad. Tactile fabrics, beautiful trims and graphic imagery all play apart in inspiring a design. We love creating dresses which have passion and drama and try to get it across with the photography, its about setting a scene, the latest collection called Wild Romance and was inspired by a Pre-Raphaelite painting by Waterhouse called Miranda and was shot on cliffs and the beach in Devon.
 Vintage inspired 1950s dress natalie
I cannot help but love this, it is named ‘Natalie’ after all.. (my name!)
Our next seasons creations are again as eclectic as we are, full of drama have a slight french revolution feel and are in shades of blue wether it be pastel, print, jewel, or deep shades, embellished with Swarovski crystal details or Wedgewood style cameos.
Alternative wedding gown Sabine Front
Alternative wedding gown Sabine Back
 We LOVE your name – where is it from?
So many people ask us about this, as we were coming up with the concept of the company, we wanted a name that stood out, was different and memorable, on a touring holiday  around Cornwall we were listening to a song and the first line is “even now in heaven there are angels carrying savage weapons” as soon as I heard it I knew that was the one, and our brand was born. In the burlesque arena where we started although an unusual name it wasn’t too shocking. it was fun quirky and we made seductive clothing so in my eyes the ‘Angels’ are our clients and the ‘savage weapons’ are their bodies encased in our corsetry.
Alternative black wedding dress Nina FrontAlternative black wedding dress Nina Back
The bridal world have taken a little longer to get used to the name, but with more brides than ever before looking for something different, fresh and new, our name doesn’t seem to shock them, and some come and find me out at the shows just because they expect our bridalwear will be different.
Alternative black wedding dress Taylor Editorial
 Alternative Black wedding dress Nina
 Alternative Black-White wedding gown Rita
Tell us more about your future plans…
This year we plan to get the brand out there as much as we can, we are known for our burlesque glamourous clothing, but now want to push the bridalwear we are hoping to stand at as many wedding fairs as we can and are looking at showing at more intimate run wedding fairs, as this means we can spend more time talking with prospective brides to get a feel for what they want. Our new bridal lingerie range and wedding gift range are being launched early summer ready for the Autumn run of shows and we are going to try and get new pieces on the website every 6-8 weeks to keep the interest in what we do.
Bespoke wedding dress in tartan Erienne
Our sister site is having her major facelift at the moment so will be coming out all bright and shiny in the next month or so and the ranges on there will be able to be purchased online, handmade to order and keeping the Angels quality but at a fraction of the price of our bespoke gowns
See what I mean – just, beautiful!
Catch ‘Angels Carrying Savage Weapons’ at these upcoming events:
  • Brides up North events on the 7th April in Wakefield, 21st April York and 6th October Leeds.
  • Fabulous Wedding Festival in Devon on the 16th March
More dates for more shows are to follow in the coming weeks.
Check out Angels Carrying Savage Weapons out here
Until next time vintage lovers xx

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